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One thing I find that makes saving money a hell of a lot easier is to make it fun! Turn saving money into a game! In this post I am going to share with you 3 savings challenges that I actually use myself which have saved me a decent amount of money over the last few months.

3 Easy Money Saving Challenges


At the end of every single day I round down my balance to the nearest £5 and put the change into my savings account.  For example, if at the end of the day, my account balance is £34.06, I will round this down to £30 and put £4.06 into my savings account.

I don’t spend money every single day as I take lunch with me to work, so for some people it might be more practical to round their balance to the nearest £1.  Whichever amount suits you, this is a great way to save a good chunk of cash in a few months, a couple of pounds at a time.


This one may only apply to people in the UK.  However, I find that I don’t come across many £2 coins in my day to day life.  Therefore, every time I receive a £2 coin in my change from shopping, I put it into a little coin jar. When the jar is full, I take it to the bank to deposit into my savings.

When I used to only pay for things using cash, I managed to save a few hundred pounds in a year with this method.  The more you use cash, the more of an impact this will make. If you really wanted to turn this one up a notch, you could also apply the same rule to £1 coins, which most of us come by much more frequently. 


This’ll kill two birds with one stone.  Do you have a bad habit that you are dying to kick? Why not combine it with a savings challenge?

Would you like to stop swearing so much? Or maybe you want to stop being late all the time? Create a penalty jar and every time you slip up, put £1, £5 or even £10 into the jar.  Or, if your habit is that you drink too many fizzy drinks and you’re worried about this affecting your health, every time you are tempted to buy yourself a can of coke (or whatever is your poison), put the money that the item would have cost into your ‘bad habit jar’.  If you’re able to see how much money your habits are costing you, it might help you to kick them.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post inspired you to get saving! Let me know if you tried any of these challenges, and if so, how much have you managed to save as a result?

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