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Do you need some help to put together your perfect capsule wardrobe? There are certain essential items that every woman needs to have in her closet to use as the building blocks to the perfect outfit.

These are the items you will see the most stylish women in history wearing time after time. If you can invest in high quality staple pieces, you will be able to use these to create a classy, effortless look every single day, no matter the occasion.

15 Fashion Trends Every Woman Needs In Her Capsule Wardrobe


The most basic of all basics. Any woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a selection of basic t-shirts that can be paired with any outfit. My essentials are a black, white, bright and graphic tee. These are the pieces that I find myself reaching for the most – whether I am pairing mine with my favourite jeans and heeled boots for work, or a pair of leggings and trainers to run to the shops, you simply cannot go wrong with a basic tee.


My favourite is my white and blue pinstripe shirt, but you might prefer a plain white button down, or any other colour which suits your style and complexion. Whichever you choose to go for, this simple item can be worn buttoned all the way down for a work appropriate outfit, paired with a pretty pair of heels for a more evening look, or even tied in the front and worn with flats for a more daytime approach.


I wear mine all the time with wide legged trousers or skinny jeans. The basic cami is a timeless classic which will come in handy no matter the occasion. As you grow your wardrobe, you can add more colours, but I would suggest starting with white, black, grey and a colour that suits you skin-tone and matches perfectly with your jeans and trouser choices that you already have.

Wear this cami by itself in the hot summer months, or pair with a classic cardigan if you prefer a more covered up look. The cami can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts and trousers of any style as it is such a classic silhouette.


The patterned cami offers all the same brilliant qualities as the neutral cami, however it gives you the option to create a slightly more individual, detailed look. Choosing a pattern that suits your style is a way to express your personality. I always reach for floral’s – always have, always will. You might want to go for an aztec pattern or a trendy animal print.

Just like the neutral cami, the patterned cami will also pair perfectly with any style of jeans, trousers, skirt etc.


For those colder times of year, a nice fitting knitted jumper is an absolute must have for any woman’s winter wardrobe. I prefer to go for neutral colours which can be worn with any wash of jeans or trousers. I particularly like cable knit, as it give the jumper a more stylish look and I always find that this particular knit type associates with designer options such as Ralph Lauren and Jack Wills.

Wear your jumper oversized for a comfortable yet flattering choice, or tuck into jeans at the front and finish with a belt for a effortless but highly fashionable appearance.


For the ‘jeans and a nice top’ days. Choose something that suits your style and figure – if you are at the start of putting together your capsule wardrobe then go for a neutral colour as you will be able to pair it with more. White tops are my favourite for all year round – many people consider white to be a summer colour, however I think it can been worn at any time of the year as long as you pair it with the right thing. The pretty, feminine blouse is perfect for dinner dates, family BBQ’s or just strolling around your city.


I find this absolutely essential in both winter and summer – in summer you will want to pair this with your cami tops and t-shirts to add some modesty to these outfits and in winter this will add the extra layer of warmth that you need. I love my basic cardigans in both black and white which can be worn all year round no matter the occasion.

I can’t recommend enough this cardi from Zara – I have had mine for over six months and wear both the black or the white version several times a week. It has not become out of shape or tatty from washing in any way and I find that the piece finishes off every outfit with class and elegance.

Thanks to the friend who let us borrow her dog for these photos – unfortunately puppy is camera shy!


Whether this is for work, a summer BBQ or an evening occasion, you simply cannot go wrong with a basic black dress. My favourite style is the tea dress, which makes my waist look slimmer and my boobs look bigger (I need all the help I can get). This is a very feminine cut so if you prefer something less girly-girl then consider a shift or tunic style dress.

Make this look your own by pairing with heels, boots and adding some pretty accessories. Invest in high quality light fabrics that can be worn winter or summer. If you choose the lighter fabrics, then these will be breathable during the summer months, and in winter you can add a chunky cardigan over the top to keep you from freezing.


The mother of all wardrobe staples. Blue jeans will work with literally any outfit – every single top or footwear item on this list can be paired with a classic pair of blue jeans. Find a pair that fit you immaculately and flatter your figure. High waisted, high stretch styles are what is most popular at the moment, as these are the most comfortable to wear and a high waisted jean flatters all body types.

Whatever style you decide suits you best and makes you feel confident, wear your jeans with a white t-shirt and converse for quite possibly the most classic outfit of all time.


A smarter alternative to the blue jeans, I find black jeans a more suitable option for work and special occasions. Again, these can be paired with every single top or footwear item on this list so you should never struggle to create the perfect outfit with a classic pair of black jeans.

If you are on a limited budget a enjoy a number of different styles of jeans, then consider having a blue jean in one cut and your black pair in a different cut so you can enjoy both without spending a fortune.


On the days where I am looking for something cooler and more loose fitting than my jeans, I always will reach for some wide leg trousers. My favourites are these black ones which match perfectly with most tops in my wardrobe. I can often be found wearing these to work, and have also frequently paired these with heels for a night-time look.


If you only have the space or the budget to choose one jacket or coat for your wardrobe, I would recommend opting for the leather jacket. This ageless piece can be adapted to suit any look. You could literally wear this with any style top, or use it to toughen up a dress or skirt. You can’t go wrong investing your money in a higher quality option which will last you for years, as you will find yourself wearing this item with so many different outfits.

This one I am wearing is from Topshop and I purchased this at least three years ago. It is not real leather – quite often, synthetic clothing ages better than real leather and it’s of course, cruelty free. I have worn this jacket hundreds of times and it barely looks more than a few months old. This particular style is no longer available, however this seasons most similar alternative is this biker jacket from Topshop.


I love to wear my black heeled boots with skinny jeans and blouses for a smart casual work appropriate look, or with a knitted jumper in the colder months for the perfect winter outfit. I would recommend a Chelsea boot style with a low heel, as these are the most versatile.

Boots are generally a better choice for colder climates, however there are ways to wear your favourite pair of boots during the summer months if you would like. You could wear with some distressed jean shorts and a basic tee, or with a floaty dress, leaving the tights behind so you don’t get too hot!


My weapon of choice are my white converse. I wear these nearly every. single. day. They are the most comfortable shoe on this earth and can be worn with literally anything! Jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses… you name it! I don’t think I have ever put an outfit on, and then gone to put on my converse and thought ‘oh actually no, that doesn’t pair well’. I’ll probably get married one day in my damn white converse! But jokes aside, pick something that suits your style and start your love affair with your ride or die, everyday sneakers.


Lastly, pick a pair of classy, versatile heels for the more dressy occasions such as a wedding invitation, night on the town or to make a good impression during a meeting or job interview. First and foremost, choose a pair of heels that are comfortable – nothing ruins a beautifully put together outfit more than a woman who can’t walk in her heels.

I would recommend a neutral colour such as black or nude as you will be able to pair these with any dress or top that you go for. If you only have the space and budget at the moment for one or two pairs of heels then I would advise choosing a lower heel. While the six inch stilettos might look lovely in principle, you won’t end up wearing them because they are either not appropriate, or because they are too uncomfortable.

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ve found some ideas for new pieces you might need to add to your wardrobe, or new ways to style the clothing you already own.

Let me know your fashion must-haves and I will see you back here soon for more fashion and lifestyle tips!

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