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Saving money when you are in a relationship doesn’t have to mean that you two never spend any quality time together. In fact, often the nicest things in life are completely free.

Here are seven date ideas that won’t cost you a penny and will allow you to spend some much needed quality time with your loved one.

7 Free Date Ideas For Every Couple


Nothing is more romantic than sitting outside and watching the sun go down. Its a time to just sit outside and enjoy nature and take a break from the hectic normality of our daily routines. If you live near the beach then this will make a particularly great date but whatever area you live in, head outside to the park, beach or even just find somewhere nice in town to sit down and watch the sun setting together.

Even try leaving your phones behind and just focusing on being in the present moment. Our lives in today’s society are becoming busier and busier and it can be easy to forget to talk with our significant others.


Baking cookies always make me feel super nostalgic. Its a fun thing to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend and the more you practice, the more of an expert baker you will both become! If you have never baked before then start out with a simple recipe – my boyfriend Tom and I made these delicious chocolate chip cookies just a few weeks ago, and considering neither of us has baked anything in a long time, they turned out super tasty!


Most cities have a lake or river area that you can stroll around. Find some bread from your cupboard, take a trip to your local park and walk along the waterside feeding the ducks. Sometimes you might even see some swans or other creatures!

This is another opportunity to leave the phones behind and chat to your partner about whats going on in their life. It can be easy to forget that our boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives have a whole other part to their life that we’re not involved in through their work, so take the time to pay an interest in what’s going on in the office or just talk about what’s going through their head at the moment that they’re excited or worried about.


Find a series of films that you will both enjoy, get some snacks, popcorn and your favourite drinks and have a movie day! I personally love Disney, The Hunger Games Series and Lord of The Rings. Why not see how many films you can fit into one day?

I particular love doing this on rainy winter days. It feels so cosy to get the blankets out, put all the fairy lights on in the living room and snuggle up on the couch. You’ll feel less guilty about ‘wasting the sunlight’ too if you choose to stay inside on a dreary day.


It sounds so cliché but I really think the idea of a picnic in the park is so classically romantic. This is probably more suited to the summertime or those who live in a warmer area but grab a blanket, picnic basket and make some sandwiches and head down to the park for this adorable date!

It’s sometimes even fun to take some beers or a bottle of wine along with you and toast a few drinks on the grass. You could set out for a late lunch and then combine this with watching the sun go down after a few hours.


Surprise your partner when they come home by running them a nice hot bath with some candles and their favourite snacks. Let them enjoy some time in peace and quiet and when they’re finished, perhaps you can both do some face-masks or other pamper treatments together. Your other half will be delighted at the fact that you did something so thoughtful for them, especially if they have had a stressful week.

When you have finished with your pamper sesh, you can spend the rest of the night in front of the TV watching movies together and enjoy a night in just the two of you.


Learning new recipes is super exciting! In my experience, most of us are foodies, and learning new recipes is a skill that will help you to put a smile on the faces of your friends and family for many years ahead. So what better activity to do with the one you love? You can learn new dishes together and master them ready to be able to make for guests when they visit. Plus, in the meantime you can make food to enjoy together week in week out. Why not make it a tradition that you cook a new dish every weekend? By the end of the year you will both be Master Chef’s!

To Finish Off…

I hope I have given you a few ideas for unique ways you can spend quality time with your loved one.

Let me know your favourite free date that you like to go on with your other half and I will see you back here soon for more lifestyle and money saving tips.

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  1. Also, free museum/concert. Have you ever seen Chopped? Its a cooking show where contestants compete to make the best dish made out of limited and strange ingredients. My friend had a “Chopped” date night with her husband and she said it was a lot of fun. They competed against each other and were forced to eat each others concoctions.

    In my opinion, dates on a budget are always so much better anyway. Enjoyed your post!

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