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There are certain small habits that if we adopt into our daily routines, can have an extremely positive impact on our productivity, happiness and stress levels in our day-to-day life. If you would like to know what those habits are, then please read on!

10 Daily Habits That Will Actually Change Your Life


I hope by now you know that it is not only disgusting to go to bed with your makeup on – that’s been sitting on your face all day and now you’re going to wipe it all over your pillow? – but it’s also incredibly bad for your skin. If you suffer from acne, dull skin or blackheads and you go to bed without washing your face at night then are you honestly even surprised?


It’s the most important meal of the day after all! Eating breakfast in the morning kick starts your digestive system, improving your metabolism. Having a meal in the mornings also helps your body to wake up and improves concentration, reduces the temptation to overeat later in the day, improves focus, boosts your immune system and prevents stomach problems. Even if you’re not hungry in the mornings, try to start small with a piece of fruit and over time ween yourself across to something more substantial.


This habit has drastically improved my life. I wake up more than three hours before I start work so that I can do all my chores such as washing, ironing, cleaning, hoovering etc. Then when I come home in the evening from a day at the office, there is nothing for me to do other than make dinner and relax. It is such a wonderful feeling to come home from a long day to a spotless home and a free evening.


Wasting precious time in the mornings trying to put together an outfit is easily avoided if you lay out all your clothes and anything you will need to the next day the night before. You could even take this a step further and follow the example of self-made billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who wears a simple pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt every single day so that he doesn’t have to think about an outfit each morning. He says that this allows him to focus solely on building his business.


Make sure you’re clear about what you’re working towards. Setting goals helps us to become the best version of ourselves and keeps us inspired and motivated to give everything we do 100%. Whether your goal is to save money for your home, lose weight, run a marathon or travel to Mongolia by boat, make sure that you set goals that are important to you and also attainable. Be specific: decide what steps you are going to take to make your goal a reality and set a time frame.


Make sure to make your bed first thing in the morning. This starts off your day productively and makes you feel as though you have achieved something small before you have even really woken up. Coming home in the evening and being able to get straight into a made bed improves your mood and sets you up for a better nights sleep.


There aren’t many feelings worse than that looming sense of something you know needs to be done but you just keep putting it off. It lingers over you, seeming heavier and heavier every moment that you procrastinate. So just get it over and done with first so you can go about the rest of your day without that weight on your shoulders.


Have you ever remembered on a Friday afternoon “oh damn, its Doris’ 60th birthday tomorrow and I don’t have a card or a present to bring to her brunch party in the morning“? Then you have to scramble around late at night trying to find somewhere that sells cards, and thinking of a last minute gift for your friend. Save yourself the stress and heartache in these situations by keeping a stack of generic greetings cards that can be used for various occasions and recipients. Keeping a little stash of cheap but thoughtful gifts to give to people has also helped me quite a few times when I have been in a pinch.


I find it hard to accept sometimes that I am not always right. I think many of us stumble when it comes to listening to others. Try to take a step back and listen to what the people around you have to say. You might learn something about yourself, your relationship or your career that will make a massive difference to your life. Listening to others can also help you become a better problem solver and can open your eyes to new opportunities. People like good listeners, so developing your listening skills will massively improve your popularity among your peers.


I have found that listening to podcasts has helped me learn so much about business, finance, self-love and other topics which are important to me. If you are a commuter, why not make the most of the time you spend in the car or on trains going from place to place, and fill your head with content about new ideas and knowledge that interests you. Podcasts are also great for those of us who are super busy and like to multi-task. Find a podcast that you find interesting or inspiring and listen along while you are cleaning, driving, gardening etc.


Sticking to my morning routine is something that makes or breaks if I am going to have a productive day. My routine allows me to have my morning coffee, breakfast, a shower and lets me complete my chores in the morning before going about the rest of my day. I never find myself struggling to choose an outfit, or scrambling around looking for my keys because I have a routine of putting these items in the same place every day so I am not late to start my day in the mornings.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some ideas for healthy habits you can introduce into your own daily routine to lead a more productive, happy and successful life.

Let me know your essential daily habits and I look forward to seeing you back here soon for more lifestyle tips!

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