10 DIY Crafts You Can Make and Sell Online For A Profit

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Are you an excellent crafter, or do you have an artistic ability that you have ever wondered if it could earn you money?

Well, this list of the ten best things that you can make yourself and resell for a profit is sure to give you some inspiration for how you can turn your passions into a business.

10 DIY Crafts You Can Make and Sell Online For A Profit


If you have expert design skills and love to create images that bring a smile to the faces of others, then why not see if any greeting card companies want to pay you for your design? Better yet, why not make your cards from hand or have them manufactured yourself and set up your own Etsy shop?


There are so many bath bomb making tutorials online and this is a great thing that you can make from home in your spare time and sell on for a profit. The ingredients needed are relatively inexpensive and the more thought you put into your design and fragrance, the more you should be able to sell you bath products for a good amount of money. As you gain more experience, you could also move into making other types of soaps and shower gels.


Do you enjoy painting? Whether its natural landscapes, architecture, portraits or your abstract ideas, if you enjoy painting there is a good chance that you will be able to sell your artwork online. Many people sell their work through avenues such as Facebook and Instagram so you should be able to get started without the need to set up a website etc. Art is subjective and one person may love and connect with a piece that another person doesn’t see the point of, so no matter your style or skill level, there will always be somebody who enjoys your work.


If you are a regular user of Pinterest, I am sure you will have seen those macrame wall hangings that are all the rage at the moment. These are a beautiful bohemian decoration for any home and can currently be seen for sale on Etsy for upwards of £50 a piece! If you are a keen crafter like myself, you might even be able to start making these with materials that you already have in your collection. Braiding and crocheting the piece may be a little time consuming, but if you can sell a couple of these every week, then you could have a rather profitable business going for you after a few months…


If you have a great eye for detail and a steady hand, jewellery making as actually an extremely lucrative business that you can start from home. If you want to take this seriously, you will want to spend a bit of money on higher quality tools and supplies but you will get this investment back by eventually selling your designs for a healthy profit. I know of a lot of people who have started making jewellery as a passion project and have gone on to make a full time living from it.


If you have a knack for using a sewing machine or even sewing by hand, there are a whole range of things that you could make to be resold. Blankets, purses, makeup bags, tote bags, sleep masks – the list is endless. If you are new to sewing but have a real passion, there are so many tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube that will have you an expert in no time. Do some research about the items that sell best on Etsy, eBay etc and you will be making a profit before you know it!


Candles are another hugely personal item that many people enjoy having in their home. Ingredients and supplies are inexpensive so a small investment should allow you to make a lot of candles for selling. You could even make your business eco-friendly by re-using products from your own candles that you have burned down – melting down the leftover wax and re-using the glass containers for new pieces. The more effort you put into your designs and fragrances, the more of a profit you will make. People are willing to pay a lot of money for high-quality candles – just look at The Yankee Candle company as an example.


If you have a good eye and talent for photography, many graphics companies will pay good money for your snaps to be used as stock photos. Whether you like to shoot landscapes, cityscapes, nature, people or something different. There will always be somebody looking for photos to use on their own projects and these people will often buy copyrighted images from graphics companies. So remember your camera whenever you are out and about and you’ll soon find the money shot that will make you a decent profit.


There are many online tutorials on how to make coasters and placemats from a range of materials. It might be clay, cork, wood, fabric or fabric – whichever style you prefer, your stylish designs should sell on sites like Etsy and Instagram. You could choose many different designs and personalise your creations with names, quotes, images and more. You might even want to consider taking requests directly from your customers if you are confident in your artistic ability.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some ideas for things you can make yourself to then sell for a profit. Good luck with any crafts you try, and if you do have a go then let me know how it went in the comments below, or better still, tag me in your Instagram photos @TheAngelinaArchives.

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