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Looking to add some additional excitement to some of your basic outfits? Want to improve your personal style game without spending a load of money on new items for your wardrobe?

Here are my favourite ways to dress up a boring outfit that you can mostly likely implement using pieces you already have in your closet.

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your basics is some well chosen accessories, or a bit of extra colour. So if you want to know exactly how to add some vogue to every outfit then please read on!

9 Ways To Dress Up A Boring Outfit


The best way to spice up a boring tshirt or jumper is to tie in the front or tuck into your jeans. This adds some extra flair to a potentially plain tshirt and also compliments your figure more by showing off your natural curves. This trick can also be used on a button down shirt; try only buttoning your shirt half way down and then tying the ends together, or tuck in one or both sides of the shirt into your jeans.


Adding an interesting necklace, or some statement hoops, instantly makes any outfit look more trendy and put together. Even a plain white tshirt and blue jeans can be extremely fashionable by adding complimentary jewellery. If you prefer a more toned down look, then choose some dainty rings or bracelets that suit your personal style and personality.

If you are attending a party or special occasion and want to give your classic, simple dress a bit more charisma, then consider a bold sparkly necklace that will draw the eye down.


Adding a belt to a nice fitting pair of jeans or trousers adds a some extra style to these timeless garments. Choosing a statement belt that contrasts in colour to your skirt or trousers can also help to draw the eye to your hips and make your waist look smaller, making this an excellent way to create a figure flattering look.

On the flip side, if you aren’t the most confident in your hips, then wearing a fine/skinny belt, lower down on the hips can create a slimmer illusion, perhaps giving you a more desirable result.


Adding a pair of sunglasses to your outfit, can firstly add some serious style and attitude to your look, and secondly, its a great way to feel more confident and put together on those days when you don’t fancy putting on a full face of makeup.

You can give a simple dress countless different vibes just by wearing a different pair of shades with it each time. Perhaps an aviator style will make a pretty floral dress a little tougher, or some cat eye shades could give a plain white dress a splash of Hollywood glam?


Adding additional layers to an outfit is a brilliant way to add some individuality to an otherwise basic look. Its also a great way of taking an outfit from day to night without having to change. Let’s say you are starting out with a basic white tee and black skinny jeans. Try adding a patterned cardigan over the top and finishing up with a cute leather jacket.

What started out as what we know as the worlds most standard look, now has some pattern and texture added to make it your own. It’s also a great way to keep warm during the colder months but still allows you to wear tshirts and light tops that are comfortable and breathable.


Adding a classy pair of heels will instantly make any simple outfit much more put together and fashionable. Whether you choose boots with a chunky heel to go with your simple black dress, or a pair of bold stiletto heels to pair with your favourite skinny jeans – opt for something that is easy for you to walk in, and makes you feel confident.

Nothing will spoil a perfectly planned outfit more than a girl who can’t walk in her heels. So don’t feel the need to choose the highest heel on the shelf – instead focus on choosing a colour that fits your personal style and try to practice walking around the store in your heels before making your purchase. Its important to try before you buy after all!


Adding colour to an outfit will forever be a great way to make you stand out from the crowd. Get noticed by adding a brightly coloured bag to an all black outfit, or choose a fashionable, on trend coloured coat to make that neutral outfit pop.

By adding some brightly coloured outerwear and accessories to your wardrobe, you will be able to dress up some many of your ‘boring’ basics such as plain tshirts and sweaters, by accessorizing like a true fashionista.


Spending some extra time on styling your hair creatively is a great way to give a boring look some flair. Go onto YouTube and spend some time watching tutorials, and learn how to braid your hair in unusual ways to give you a unique style.

If you have long hair this works especially well as you have the option to add braids, twists and volume to your hair to give you an eye catching look. However, short haired girls can also use this hack and can create an edgy look buy going for unusual, asymmetric cuts, or brightly coloured hair that will create an impression.

In addition to braiding or styling your hair in an unusual way, you can also think about adding some interesting hair accessories that will spice up your look. Bandana’s, headbands, scrunchies and floral accessories are some of my favourites, but choose whatever suits your hairstyle and personal style.


Lastly, consider experimenting with your undergarments to add some curiosity to your clothes. You could give a sheer white blouse and jeans a sexy and elegant twist by wearing a lacy bralette underneath that shows through slightly.

Or create a more bohemian look by choosing a crochet bralette under a floaty dress to add some intricacy to your look. Don’t overdo it – the aim isn’t to make your outfit x-rated! But adding a tiny bit of spice to a simple outfit can really crank up your look a notch!

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjouyed this post and you’ve been inspired to jazz up some of your plain outfits.

Let me know some of your top tips for adding personality to a basic outfit and I look forward to seeing you back here soon for more fashion based blog posts!

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