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Would you like to make a gift for somebody close to you, so that you can give them something that you spent your time and creativity making for them?

You might not be sure what you can make that they are actually going to appreciate and want in their life – so here are 17 great ideas for things that you can make for people that they will love!

17 Brilliantly Easy DIY Gift Ideas


Candles are a lovely gift that most people are thankful to receive. Candles are also very easy and cheap to make. You can make festive scents using ingredients such as dried oranges, cranberries and cinnamon or perhaps you might prefer to go for something more classic such as lavender or vanilla extract. 

You can re-use resources from candles that you have already used to save money on this project. Just melt down the leftover wax, secure your wick to the bottom of your chosen container, pour in the wax, essential oils and other ingredients and leave to set.


If you enjoy painting and have a natural artistic gift, then you could paint a piece of art for your loved one to display in their home. Whether it’s a landscape of their favourite place, a cityscape of their hometown, a portrait, a painting of a beloved pet or maybe something more abstract that represents their personality. 


Is your loved one a lover of baked goods? Are they always spending time in the kitchen baking masterpieces? Why not put together a thoughtful little gift box filled with personalised utensils and unusual ingredients that they can use in their next creation? Try including unique cookie cutters, stencils and tasty treats that can be used for decorations.


Give that special person a treat to look forward to. Build them a hamper filled with luxury bath treats. Pick out some nice smelling bath soak and some exciting bath bombs that they can use when they need a pick me up. You can also choose some skincare products that they will enjoy, perhaps a face-mask, hair treatment and even some cosmetics such as some nice nail polish colours that you think they will like.

Get creative with the way that you display the products. You can find wooden baskets easily in thrift stores or even lying around your home and paint them to add a personal touch. The recipient will then be able to use the basket for other purposes once they have used up all the goodies inside.


You could take the idea above a step further by making homemade bath treats. Bath bombs, soaps and scrubs are so easy to make from home and can be personalised so easily by choosing colours and scents that your family and friends will love.   

You can also decorate the jars and packaging of your gift in creative ways by making your own labels, or adding the person’s name so it can be used as a nice decoration in their bathroom.


This is one of my favourite gifts if you want to be really thoughtful. Find a pretty jar and some brightly coloured card, and create a jar full of memories, date ideas or things that you love about the person. The person receiving your gift will absolutely love reading through all the notes that you have written and you might be able to rejig some old memories that they had since forgotten.

This is such a thoughtful idea that the receiver will be so grateful for as they will appreciate that you took the time to sit and think about every note.


Make some personalised bracelets with the name of your loved one, their star sign, their birth month or an adjective that you think describes their personality. Your friend or family member will love having something that’s one of a kind that they can wear every day and think of you.

Choose beads in their favourite colour or a colour that will match what they wear a lot. This thoughtful little keepsake will be something they can treasure for many years to come. 


Homemade clay trinket dishes are a brilliant gift to give as a token of your appreciation to that special person in your life. 

Simply roll our out your polymer clay flat, cut into the size you want and then shape around your chosen mould. Then oven bake your creation according to the instructions on the packing.

Once your dish is baked, it’s time for the fun part! Using acrylic paint, decorate your dishes in a way that the giftee will love. You could put their name or initials, a date that is special to the two of you or the name of their favourite city. If you are really talented at painting then you might want to take it a step further and paint an intricate design on your masterpiece that suits their sense of style. Popular choices are tropical designs, palms, flowers, mosaic, marble or fruits and pet designs. 

Check out this article for an in-depth tutorial on how to make these wonderful gifts, where you will also find ideas for how to decorate your finished dishes. 


There are so many lovely ways to create this – you could use newspapers as a template for the name and then write the definition in pretty calligraphy, an old fashioned looking scroll or a painting would make a nice idea or you could try making something using letter tiles and a 3D photo-box. 

Whichever style you choose to go for, this personalized gift will make the recipient feel very loved as you took the time to research the meaning behind their name, then made them something beautiful that they can display in their home.


Nothing beats the feeling of coming across old photos that you didn’t know existed and resurfacing memories from happy times. Put together a photo album that captures some of your best memories with that person. They will love looking through the pages and remembering times that they might have since forgotten.


Similarly, why not create a ‘Pinterest’ inspired corkboard filled with nostalgic photos, concert tickets, wristbands, plane tickets and other memorabilia from happy times that you have shared?  

This is a lovely way to display those sentimental items that we like to hang onto but often end up getting tossed into a drawer and forgotten about otherwise. 


Choose a plant that has meaning and pot it in a pretty planter. Then you can get to the fun part, decorating the planter. You could decorate the planter by painting on an abstract or Aztec design or just adding the giftees name or a word that means something to them such as “home”, “family” or “strength”


This might not be completely handmade but it’s still somewhat a DIY as you are choosing the photos. 

My favourite source for personalised calendars in FunkyPidgeon. Submit your photos, decide how you would like them to appear month to month and FunkyPidgeon will do the rest! 

Your loved one will love looking at the pics you chose especially for them every day and this is a one of a kind gift that you can be sure they won’t be receiving from anybody else!


I have to give full credit to my boyfriend’s lovely sister Laura for this one! This is the beautiful box artwork she made for us at Christmas that I display with pride in our home.

Why not make something similar for a loved one? Whether you merge the names of a couple you’re close to or make this for a single person. You could even include an anniversary date or the date that the recipient moved into their first home together as the text within the frame!


For the culinary experts in your life, put together a spice box of some exciting and unique spices. Think beyond the typical choices like basil and parsley; consider giving them something a bit more unusual such as Juniper Berries, Saffron or Garam Masala so they can experiment with some new recipes that they wouldn’t ordinarily have the ingredients for. 


Everybody loves a pleasant smelling home! So why not make some fragrant homemade potpourri as a gift? You can use ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, dried oranges, lemons or cranberries, vanilla extract, dried rose petals and leaves. If you wish to boost the scent then adding some essential oils to the more porous items should do the trick!

Perhaps you might even want to make the bowl or basket that you display your potpourri in more personal by hand making the bowl or finding a basket in a thrift store and spray painting or customising it yourself!


If there is a poem, song or even bible verse that has special meaning to somebody important in your life, then put your calligraphy skills to the test by decorating a mirror with these words.

You can choose a small mirror and write just a snippet of the text or use a full-length mirror to display the whole extract. 

You can make your design even more personalised by adding illustrations to the mirror. This is a super artistic way for your loved one to display their favourite verse in their home and they will love the fact that you took the time to create something so thoughtful for them!

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration to make a beautiful gift for somebody special in your life! Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays or just to show them some appreciation, they’re sure to love anything that you spend the time making for them.

If you have any more ideas for handmade gifts then please leave these in the comments! I am always looking for new craft projects to try out!

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