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I have been selling second-hand clothes, accessories, electronics and furniture on eBay and Depop since I was 15.

That’s over ten years of experience that I have in reselling things I no longer need.

As you can imagine, during that time, I have learned some of the biggest do’s and don’ts of selling online.

If you’re new to the game and are looking for advice on how to make more money selling your old things online, then you have come to the right place!

I’ve put together a list of selling tips that I know you’re going to find super useful. So if you’re hoping to turn your unwanted things into a lucrative side hustle, then look no further!

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How to Sell on Depop & eBay: Make £500+ A Month

General Sales Tips (All Platforms) 


You are much more likely to sell an item if your buyer can picture what it will look like on them. You need to inspire potential customers and help them envision how they would style the piece with the items that they already have in their wardrobe.

It’s also much easier to understand the fit of an item when it’s being modelled, so your buyers will be able to decide more easily if the piece will suit their body shape and personal style.  

It’s very easy to take pictures of yourself modelling the clothes once you get into a rhythm of it. Either take the pictures in the mirror or set up a self-timer to take your shots. Choose a plain white background so that the focus of the picture is entirely on the clothing.  

If you don’t feel comfortable posting photos of yourself for people to see, or you’re selling an item that doesn’t fit you, then alternatively you can invest in a mannequin to model the clothes. This is actually what I have been doing recently, as many of the clothes I am selling are too small for me and I find it much quicker to take lots of photos in one day if I am using a mannequin rather than having to keep changing my outfit.

You can pick up a mannequin pretty cheap on Amazon, or you could even see if a friend or family member can loan you one for the weekend while you take all your photos.

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how to sell clothes on ebay
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You want to make the piece of clothing look its absolute best! So accessorize your item to show off how you style it. You can try adding jewellery, belts, bags and undergarments to bring the piece to life. If you’re selling a coat or a jacket, then make sure that the clothes you are wearing underneath fit the vibe of the jacket and show it off to its full potential.

Make sure to add a note in the description advising that any accessories are not included in the sale.  If the accessories you are using are for sale separately, then you can let your audience know that they can find these on your shop page if they are interested in buying these too.


When a buyer sees that you are offering free shipping, they are more likely to buy from you. When a person sees the word ‘free’ their brain lights up and pay’s attention. It’s up to you if you want to incorporate the price of the shipping into the asking price for your item, or if you are going to take the hit – I recommend just adding the cost of shipping into the asking price.

So for example, if you want to sell your item for £10, and shipping is going to cost £3, then list the item as £13, with ‘free’ shipping.  You are more likely to make the sale than if you were to list the item cost and shipping fee separately. 

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Cross-selling is a brilliant way to make more money from your online shop that many people forget to mention. If we refer back to tip two where I mentioned that accessorizing and styling your items will help you make more sales, you can also use this to your advantage by using accessories and wearing the item with other pieces that you have for sale separately.  

This way, if the person loves the look of the whole outfit, then they can purchase the accompanying items too. You can add a note to your description saying, ‘all items in the photo are sold separately on my shop’. If a buyer is interested in buying everything that’s shown in the photo, then you might want to consider offering a special discount on multiple items as another encouragement for them to make the full purchase!


In the past, I have mentioned in my descriptions that every purchase comes with a free gift, and then I pop in a little surprise such as some sweets or a small chocolate bar into any parcels for items that I sell.

As I mentioned before, when people see the word ‘free’, you capture their attention meaning that they are more likely to buy from you. So try adding all purchases come with a free giftto your item descriptions and bio and see if it makes a difference for you too!


It’s very important to build a strong reputation as a seller no matter which platform you are using. This will increase the likelihood of new, first time customers buying from you, and will also help you to generate repeat business from people who have been following your shop for some time.

So make sure that you are selling products which are described accurately, you’re packing them nicely so they don’t get damaged or lost in transit, and posting the item out promptly. If you stick to these three golden rules then you shouldn’t have too many issues when it comes to disappointed customers and the more you sell, the more positive reviews you will collect on your page.

If a person buys from you, and you still haven’t heard anything from them and they haven’t left a review a week after you despatched their order, then just drop them a quick message to make sure they have received their package and they are happy with their purchase. If they are, then you can politely ask that they leave you a review, and of course, you should return the favour for them by leaving them a positive buyer review on their account. 


You want to make sure that you photograph the piece from all angles so that the buyer knows exactly what to expect and doesn’t end up disappointed. I have bought dresses online before thinking that they just had a standard back to them, and then the item has arrived and it’s been completely backless and not wearable for everyday occasions.  

As a buyer, this is so frustrating and leaves a bit of a grey area when it comes to returning the item, as it wasn’t strictly missold but the lack of photos of the front and the back of the garment have left me purchasing something that wasn’t what I was expecting.

So photograph the front, back, sides and any finer details of your piece so that your buyers don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises when their package arrives.  

how to make money online selling clothes on ebay


Make sure before you photograph and list your item for sale, that you have taken care to make the piece look its best. If the item needs washing then put it through the washing machine to brighten it up, run the iron over any wrinkled pieces and if you’re selling a jumper that has bobbles or pilling on it, take a clothes defuzzer to it before putting it on the market.

Not only will this make it easier for you to sell the item in the first place, but when the buyer receives the goods, they are much more likely to leave you a better review which will make a massive difference to your reputation as a seller and increase the likelihood of repeat business. 

Before you list an item for sale, think about whether you would buy it based on the photograph that you’re posting. Realistically, I’m sure you can agree that if you list a wrinkled shirt with coffee stains on it, that not you nor anybody else is likely to spend their hard-earned money on it, and if they do by some miracle still purchase it in that condition, then you probably won’t get the price that you would have if you had just taken the time to wash and iron it before listing.


Any platform you use to sell your clothes will probably have fees attached to selling an item. eBay and Depop charge around 10%-13% of your sale price, plus if you are receiving payment via PayPal then there will be a fee for this too.

So make sure when pricing your items that you are considering these costs. You don’t want to sell something for £4, then have to pay £3 for postage and £1.50 in fees, because you are actually going to lose money on that transaction.  

how to sell clothes on ebay and depop


I like to use a spreadsheet to track my inventory and profits. That way, I can keep a record of what I have to sell currently, how much money I could make if I manage to sell everything in my inventory, how much profit I am making so far and how much I owe in fees.  

This will help you to keep a record of the money you make each month, and can also be used to calculate what price you should be listing your items for if you want to make a reasonable profit.

Depop Selling Tips


This might be a controversial opinion, but when it comes to follower based selling apps like Depop and Poshmark, you want to increase your engagement as much as possible with other users to get eyes on your page.

I follow lots and lots of accounts on Depop: both to try and find the products that I am interested in buying, and also in the hope that if I follow somebody, they will see my name in their notifications and visit my page. I also like a lot of items on Depop to get my name into peoples notifications. 

It might sound spammy, but if done in the right way this can massively help you bring attention to your page. What you don’t want to do is message people ‘follow for follow’, or leave comments on peoples items asking them to look at what you’re selling.  However, following and liking other people’s content is not an issue in my opinion and can be a great way to build traffic to your own account over time.

It can also help to message people who like your items. If somebody hits like on a dress that you have for sale, but doesn’t purchase it or message you regarding the item, then message them first!

Just a quick note to say, ‘are you interested in the dress that I have for sale? I am taking offers and I am happy to answer any questions you might have,’ could give that buyer the push that they need to go ahead and buy from you.  I make more sales to people that I reach out to first than people who buy without being prompted.

Don’t be pushy, but friendliness really will help you along the way, and if you feel icky about doing this in the beginning, then just remember that it’s no different to when you walk into a real-life clothing store and one of the sales assistants greets you and asks if you need any help. 


This tip only applies to Depop as far as I know (there might be other selling apps that I am not aware of where this tip could also apply). Change your first and last name (not username) to something eye-catching and enticing.

That way, when people are scrolling through profiles looking for people to follow, your name is going to grab their attention. Unless you already have a large social media following and people are going to recognise you, there is no benefit to using your real first and last name on your account.

However, FREE POSTAGE is going to get a lot more attention, because if we’re being honest, nobody knows who I am and my name is of little interest. You might also consider adding emojis to add some colour to your heading, as another means of grabbing your audience’s attention. 

how to get more followers on depop


Offering discounts on bundles or multi-item orders is a great way to shift some extra items and increase your profits. You can’t set up automatic discounts on bundles within the Depop app at the moment, but you can add some text to your description and bio to say that you offer discounts on bundles so message you directly for a bespoke offer.

If you see that the same user has liked more than one of your items, then drop them a message to let them know that you can offer them 10% or 20% etc off if they purchase more than one item.

To Finish Off…

Those are my top tips for making money selling clothes online using services like Depop, eBay, Poshmark etc. I hope this helps you to make some extra cash by getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit you anymore or are no longer your style.

If you have any top tips for making money selling clothes online, then please leave these in the comments. I am always looking for new ways to improve my store so let’s learn from each other! 

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