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Are you a gentleman looking for styling tips to crack your wardrobe up a notch? Are you looking for some tips and advice on how to make sure that your clothing always looks its best so that you can carry on through your day with confidence and sophistication?

Well then you have come to the right place! Read on for thirteen fashion tips that men will love!

13 Style Tips for Men


To some degree, men are lucky that certain styles will always look good on them, that never go in and out of fashion. For women, trends come and go every season: floral’s, maxi skirts, pastels etc. Women often feel the need or enjoy buying the latest trends every season – items that will get worn a couple of times before they are out of fashion the following year.

There are of course trends for men too, but not on the same scale as the women’s fashion industry. Plain t-shirts, button-down shirts and jeans and chinos will always make a man look like a gentleman, without appearing dull, or ‘basic’ as much as these pieces might feel for a woman’s wardrobe.

So invest a little extra money in choosing basics that are high quality, well-fitting and will last you many years to come.


‘Standard’ sizing is a myth. While you can buy clothes that ‘fit’ you in as much as you can get them onto your body – every person has a different body shape, so there is no standard. Buy jeans, suits and shirts that ‘fit’ you in-store, and then take them to the tailor to have them adjusted to fit you immaculately. Nothing looks more polished or attractive than a gentleman in a well-fitting suit.


A man who smells great is instantly more attractive. Choosing a nice smelling, signature cologne will draw people to you: men will want to be your friend and women will want to date you. Sticking with the same scent will help people associate that particular aroma with your presence and will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere around others. Don’t overdo it though – a small spray on the neck and wrists is all you need! 


There will be countless occasions where a well-fitting, smart and stylish suit will come in handy. Wedding invitations, parties, job interviews, business meetings etc. if you spend some extra money on the perfect suit in your younger years, you will get some much wear out of it and it will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. 

A gentleman in a nice suit will always make an excellent impression and you will never look too overdressed if you style your outfit accordingly.

Plus, you will be able to wear your trousers and jacket as separate pieces for more casual occasions. For example, a pair of tailored trousers, with a fine, linen shirt and boat shoes might be an appropriate outfit for a summer BBQ, whilst you may way to finish off a jeans and t-shirt combo with you smart blazer for a first date.


Whilst black leather shoes are and always will be a staple in any man’s wardrobe, it can become quite samey and look rather ‘schoolboy’ to wear the same black shoes with all outfits. So experiment with different coloured kicks. Brown, grey, blue and beige are all great places to start.

Adding some daring footwear to an otherwise basic outfit with add some visual interest and individuality that most other men will not think to consider in their ensembles.


You can wear the smartest, most well-fitting designer suit, but if your shoes are dirty or scuffed, the whole look will fall apart. Wearing smart, well-polished shoes gives the impression that you care about the way you look.

My mum would never allow me to go to school as a child unless my shoes were clean and shiny, and you should follow the same rule now no matter your age or gender.

Shabby shoes reveal a person who doesn’t invest time and detail in their appearance polishing your shoes may be a ten minute job, but many people can’t be bothered, or don’t have the time, so they are content with wearing beaten up shoes.

But take some pride in your footwear, after all, your feet are what carry you through the good and bad experiences of life, so you want to be dressing them in shoes that make you feel confident, comfortable and stylish.

“You should still wear good shoes even if your feet were made of gold.

Paul Bamikole


It seems that we live in a modern-day where men are more open to experimenting with wearing more jewellery. Gone are the days where adorning yourself with silver and gold embellishments was just an activity for women to partake in.

So if you’re a man that’s yet to hop on this one, experiment by wearing a necklace, watch or ring that suits your personal style. If that’s not for you then you could try wearing some beaded bracelets instead. Jewellery can tell a lot about a person’s style and spirituality so don’t be afraid to show off who you are as a person in this way.


The ongoing debate of whether you should wear a brown belt with brown shoes and black with black. Well, I say that this is a must. Wearing mismatching leathers gives the impression that you just grabbed whatever was closest in a rush and didn’t take the time to think about the way you look. 

However, matching the leathers in your outfit shows coordination and thoughtfulness went into putting that look together. You can change up the look by choosing different shades of your leathers in an outfit, but to create a cohesive and well considered look overall, it’s important to make sure that the primary colours are the same.


Nothing beats a great cable knit in the winter. This timeless, elegant and also practical essential will look great paired over a t-shirt and jeans, or for a smarter occasion with dress trousers, a button-down shirt and a cable sweater over the top with your collar showing through.  

So invest in a couple of high quality cable knit jumpers that will last you for years to come. If you have the budget for cashmere then this will always last the test of time, but if not, choose the best quality you can afford and replace it when you have the means for something better.


Having suitable outerwear for your outfit will not only keep you warm outside but will bring your whole look together. A classic wool coat in a neutral colour will serve you well for both smart and casual occasions. Again, choose something of high quality.

Go for the best you can afford on your current budget as you will wear this piece again and again and if you choose a timeless style then you will reach for this every season.


While wearing bright colours is a great way to add personality to your look and show off who you are, getting the basics right is the first step. Before filling your wardrobe with bright colours that you might struggle to pair with your other clothes, get the basics right. 

Ensure that you have a solid selection of shirts, t-shirts and knitwear in black, white, beige, brown, blue and khaki before incorporating some more vibrant choices. Make sure you have a couple of pairs of jeans and trousers that can be paired with anything, and then you can think about bringing that bright orange shirt into your wardrobe if you still think that it suits your style and can be paired with the other things you already have.

Plus, make sure you know what colours suit you. You want to know if you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin and hair so that you can choose clothing in colours that will compliment your look best.

  • Ash toned hair ranging in dark brown, blonde or white or grey.
  • Porcelain skin or dark skin with a blue undertone.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes will be lighter blonde to brown.
  • Blue, green or light brown eyes.
  • Deep or red-toned hair ranging from strawberry blonde to auburn.
  • Pale skin often with freckles or olive or golden-toned skin.
  • Eyebrows ranging from reddish to dark brown.
  • Hazel or dark brown eyes.

The most flattering colours on a cool-toned person would be bright blues and spring greens, lavender, rose red or burgundy. For neutrals, you should go for pale grey, navy and brilliant white. Try to avoid bright shades of yellow, orange and red as these will clash with your skintone.

Warm skin tones will look best in peach, coral, gold, and yellow or dark green and purple. For your neutrals choose taupe, cream, and rich grey. Avoid jewel tones like sapphire or amethyst because they can make you look washed out and grey in colour.

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!”

Coco Chanel


Investing in high-quality pieces for your wardrobe will ensure that you have a great foundation of classic well-fitting staples for every occasion, and you will never find yourself in a muddle, trying to choose what to wear to that last-minute invitation! So buy the best you can afford at the time, and when you can afford better, upgrade!

I’m not telling you to overspend and indulge on designer clothing which you can’t afford, but if you have the money for a pair of £200 jeans, then opt for those instead of a £30 bargain pair from a fast-fashion high street retailer. The more expensive pair will nearly always be a better cut, better quality and won’t need replacing nearly as quickly as the cheap and cheerful cop out. 


Layering is a great way to add dimension, visual interest and of course, warmth to an otherwise uninteresting outfit. Adding layers allows you to add extra colours, textures and fabrics to your look. 

Take it a step further by subtly coordinating colours to tie the whole look together. You could pair a blue button-down shirt with a pair of black jeans, a black pullover and then a jacket with blue accents to tie in your featured colour. 

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed these men’s fashion and styling tips. Hopefully this has inspired you to upgrade your wardrobe for the new season or think of different ways you can wear the clothes that you already have.

If you have any more style tips that you would like to share then I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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