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While every type of body is beautiful in an individual way, many women currently aspire to trim down, lost excess fat and tone up.

Today I will be sharing some of the best health, fitness and diet tips that some of the most influential fitness guru’s swear by in order to maintain a health and toned body.

11 Fitness & Diet Tips To Keep You Super Slim


Eat A High Protein Diet

Stick to a high protein diet made up of chicken, turkey, lean beef, lean fish and eggs. A high protein diet is essential in giving you the energy you will need to keep up with an extremely busy lifestyle and strict fitness regime.

The rest of your diet should be made up of 60%-70% fruits and veggies, and the remainder as non-starchy carbs such as wholemeal rice, sweet potato and quinoa.

Avoid Dairy

Dairy is a difficult product for the body to break down and is often cited as the reason for skin and digestive issues. High dairy consumption can lead to bloating and lethargy, and is difficult for the intestine to break down so is more likely to be stored in the body as fat.

If you are looking for healthy dairy alternatives then try almond or coconut milk in your tea and coffee, and olive oil or mashed avocado in place of butter.

Avoid Gluten

Gluten is another product that our bodies have difficulty digesting. Bread and pasta sit for a long time in our stomach before our body can fully break it down, and can therefore lead to sluggishness and increased weight gain.

If you are looking for carbs to add to your diet to keep you fuller for longer, then choose rice, sweet potatoes, oats and chickpeas.

Snack On The Right Foods

Finding the right snacks while sticking to your diet and fitness goals is one of the most challenging tasks for many of us on these journeys. Get into the habit of snacking on healthy foods such as nuts, berries, avocados, grapes, bananas and green smoothies if you are ever hungry in between meals.

Avoid Processed Sugars

Processed sugars found in fizzy drinks, sweets and other fast foods are nothing more than empty calories.

They offer zero nutritional benefit and lead to weight gain faster than any other food you can put in your body. Plus, eating lots of sugary foods is highly addictive and can lead to heart disease and diabetes later in life.

If you are looking to curb your sweet tooth, then opt for a serving of berries, banana or pineapple to soothe your cravings instead.

No Eating After 6pm

Avoid going to bed on a full stomach by not eating anything after 6pm. When we are asleep, everything in our body slows down, including our digestion. It takes much longer for the food that we have just eaten to be fully digested and there is a higher chance that those extra calories will be stored in our body as extra fat.

Drink Two Litres Of Water Every Day

The benefits of drinking lots of water are endless: clearer skin, improved hair and nail growth, improvements in concentration, aids hydration, helps maintain a healthy weight, aids digestion and so on.

Make sure to always have a refillable water bottle on hand and drink at least two litres a day. This will not only keep your digestive system working to its full potential but will curb the desire to snack as much throughout the day.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has long been a technique used by dietitians and fitness experts as a way to improve weight-loss and kick-start metabolism. Try sticking to only coffee or water until you have completed your morning workout as a way of keeping lean and strong all year round.

Work Out Five Times Each Week

Most women who are able to boast a lean body, flat tummy and toned muscles, commit to working out at least five times a week for a minimum of an hour a day.

Weight lifting, cardio, hiking, running, boxing, pilates and yoga are all popular forms of exercise. Choose what works for you and what you enjoy, but make sure you get a healthy balance of cardio and strength training activities.

Forget Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Sticking to a routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner is unrealistic for many of us if we want to maintain healthy eating habits. It’s very common for people to become hungry between meals, especially if you are somebody who can’t manage a large meal at any time of the day.

Choosing to have five smaller meals throughout the day will help you manage portion control and keep you fuller for longer making it less tempting for you to snack between meals.

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed this post and you’ll be able to take on board some of these tips and tricks. If you have any other ways that you like to keep your health and fitness on track then please share in the comments below.

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