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Are you always looking for ways that you can make your wardrobe look more expensive without having to splurge on new clothes all the time? 

Do you love the classic, classy, designer look but you’re trying to stick to a budget?

Worry not, today I have nine brilliant tips for dressing more expensive, without breaking the bank!

9 Fashionable Tips For Dressing Expensive On A Budget!


Invest in high quality basics such as jeans, dress trousers, plain T-shirts and knitwear and outerwear that is suitable for the climate that you live in. 

Trends come and go but if you invest your money in long lasting and well made items that are going to be worn season after season, then you are sure to look great in whatever outfit you put on.


Footwear is so important for looking, smart, stylish and for staying comfortable on a daily basis. 

For day to day, you should have a pair of smart flats, and a pair of canvas/sneakers which will last you years and can be paired with most things you have in your wardrobe. 

For women, make sure to have at least one pair of heels that are suitable for any occasion including dinner, parties, interviews and meetings. Opting for a neutral shade such as black or nude will make your shoes more versatile.


Look after your clothes so that you don’t need to replace them so often! Wash according to the instructions, dry clean if necessary and repair any damage and use a shaver to remove pilling from knits. 

Nothing says cheap like tatty, faded and saggy clothes that haven’t been properly cared for. 


Use jewellery to elevate your look and take a basic outfit from dull to dapper! Don’t overdo it – just a simple pair of earrings, a necklace and a few bracelets and rings will really set off your outfit. 

Try to avoid costume jewellery as even the more expensive pieces can end up looking tacky and gimmicky – stick to gold and silver and if you want to really go the extra mile, pearls will make you feel like a million dollars! 


With most people reaching for their mobile phone to check the time these days, much of the younger generation do not bother to wear a watch anymore. 

Watches used to be a symbol of a person’s style and you could tell a lot about them just by their wrist glam. So take things back a few years and look for an elegant, eye-catching piece that will finish off your outfit.

It doesn’t need to cost you thousands, just look for something that has a high quality leather or metal strap and suits your wrist. 


You have probably at some point seen a nice affordable dress or cardigan be let down by the buttons that the manufacturer uses. Why not switch them out for something more high quality and stylish.

Gold, mother of pearl and tortoiseshell buttons are my personal favourite but you should choose something that speaks to you and fits the vibe of the garment you are trying to modify. 


There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to clothing. We all have different shapes and sizes, we all have curves in different places and frankly, that’s what makes us unique and beautiful. 

Get your clothes tailored to make sure that they fit you impeccably! Jeans, trousers, dresses and jackets are most important when it comes to getting the right fit, but don’t be afraid to have any piece of clothing altered to fit you better as you will get much more wear out of it and feel a lot more confident when wearing. 


Bright colours are more likely to look tacky and cheap than their neutral counterparts. Always look for blacks, whites, nudes, khakis and navy’s when choosing clothes that you want to look expensive.

This will also allow more versatility in your wardrobe as you will have a wider opportunity to mix and match the items that you own to create a slightly different outfit every time. 


Creases in your clothes just look terrible. Wrinkly clothing gives off the impression that you rolled out of bed late, dressed in a rush and didn’t have the time to dedicate to your appearance. 

Iron or steam your clothes the night before if necessary, but do whatever you need to do to ensure you never leave the house in creased clothes again. After all – don’t you want to make an excellent first impression every time?

To Finish Off…

I hope you loved this post and you can use some of these ideas to spruce up your wardrobe!  Let me know in the comments if you have any secrets for looking expensive without breaking the bank!

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