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Self care is such an important part of a healthy and successful life.  Looking after our physical and mental health is integral to our happiness and wellbeing, and the more you make self care a focus in your weekly, if not daily routine, the more you will flourish in other areas of your life.

That’s why I have put together this list of thirteen self care ideas for when you are in need of a little pick me up.   I hope that you will take some time out of your schedule to try a few, or even all of these ideas, as you will definitely notice the positive effect afterwards.

13 Self Care Rituals You Need To Try


Technology has a tendency to cause us stress and damage our self-esteem.  If you’re receiving emails and messages about work or personal issues at the very start or end of your day, you’re not giving yourself a chance to switch off and clear your head.  Scrolling through social media also leads us to compare ourselves to others, and we can become defeated or even depressed that our lives aren’t perfect like our peers.

Try to avoid going on your phone until at least an hour after you wake up, and a couple of hours before bedtime. 


I recently started writing down my thoughts for the day in the style of a journal, and it is so therapeutic!  I haven’t yet invested in a nice journal, I am actually just writing everything on a word document and dating it for future reference.

Writing down the thoughts that are bouncing around our head gives you an outlet to release a lot of the stresses and worries that the day has burdened you with and also gives you a place to write down new ideas for all areas of your life. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect, or a literary work of art, but writing down a few paragraphs once in a while of things that are going on in your life, things that are worrying you, things that you’re excited about, or even just what you did that day can be an incredible stress reliever and you will love reading back on your life in years to come! 


Nothing for me beats the feeling of having a long hot bath with some bubbles and my favourite candles.  Use this time to de-stress, soak your muscles and enjoy some peace and quiet after a long stressful day. 


It’s so important to let yourself be creative from time to time.  Making something by hand, writing, baking, making music, photography, painting and drawing are all great ways to let your inner child free.  This doesn’t have to cost a penny and that time you spend by yourself or with a friend making something that you are proud of will make you feel super accomplished. 


It’s super important to be able to enjoy being in your own company. This gives you time to reflect on how your life is going in terms of work, relationships and socially. Are you happy in your career, where you live, etc? When we spend time by ourselves we are forced to think about and face these topics, and it can be a time where you inspire yourself to make changes if there is something in your life that you are not content with – and what better place to have this time for reflection that in the great outdoors surrounded by fresh air and nature?!


Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting cross legged in the park with your hands on your knees and your eyes closed – although you can do if that’s your style.

Meditation comes in many forms – whether it’s quiet reflection time every now and then or each night in bed while you fall asleep you might want to take time to give gratitude for the things you love about your life, and set intentions and goals for the day ahead, or perhaps you’re more suited to a guided style meditation?

Whichever works best for you, this is a great opportunity for you to reflect on your goals, aspirations, personal and romantic relationships, and what you have to be thankful for. The more time you spend meditating, the calmer and more in tune you will feel with the world around you.


Take some time to yourself to paint your nails, apply a facemask, or spend some extra time styling your hair in a way that makes you feel your best.

Whether you like to admit it or not, our personal appearance does make a difference to our confidence and when you look after yourself, you will feel more confident and prepared to give your best performance in other areas of your life.


When I need to clear my head, I love to just drive around town at night, enjoying the silence and emptiness of the streets around me.

Try taking a drive around your neighborhood with the windows down, and just listen to the sound of nothing and breathe in the cold fresh air.


Nothing makes me feel cosier than sitting on my sofa in my slippers and PJ’s, with a load of blankets and a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee.  Something so simple can be a huge pick me up, so if you don’t have the time in your day for one of these more time consuming self care ideas, then just treat yourself to ten minutes on the sofa with your favourite beverage.


We all need one from time to time. One of those days where you just stay inside, under the covers, watching your favourite movies or binging a super addictive Netflix series.  Sometimes, you just need to escape from the world of work, chores, social media and other personal commitments that stress and tire you out. 


Spending time with animals has been proven to be a super powerful stress reliever.  Dogs, cats, rabbits or horses – whatever melts your heart, spend some time caring for and petting your favourite furry friends and you are guaranteed to feel soothed and in higher spirits afterwards.

If you don’t have a pet of your own, then ask a friend or family member if you can spend some time with theirs, or volunteer for a few hours at your local animal shelter or farm.


Self -education is a great way to treat yourself well. Knowledge is power and the more you learn about your favourite hobbies and interests, the more your skills will grow and you will soon become an expert in whatever field you dedicate your attention to.


It’s absolutely okay to treat yourself once in a while to something nice. I’m sure you work hard for your money, and what good is all that work if you don’t give yourself a little reward from time to time?

Treat yourself to some nice chocolates, a new skincare product, a manicure or anything else that will give you a lift when you need it most.

Remember where the line is though and don’t let this become an excuse to overindulge and overspend. A treat is only a treat if you have it once in a while!

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed this list of self care ideas, and that you will give these a try soon! If you have any go to self care rituals, then please let me know in the comments below as I am always looking for new ways to keep myself on track!

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