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Generally speaking, when you think of white clothing, we think of frilly dresses, dainty white blouses and white skinny jeans – all of which are typically consider summer essentials.

However, white is one of the most flattering colours on men and women, regardless of whether you have a cool, warm or neutral toned complexion.  

For many years, I truly believed that white was a colour that you could only wear during summer and that if I wore white clothing during the colder months, it would look out of place and like I was still sporting my summer wardrobe.

However, as I have gotten older, my style has evolved and it’s easy for me to find ways to wear white in winter appropriately.  In fact, these days, white is one of the main colours in my wardrobe for winter. It’s all about how you style an outfit – that’s why today I have a list of tips that will help you put together winter outfits with white pieces.

6 Ways To Wear White In Winter


Choosing sturdy, heavy duty fabrics is possibly the most important point when it comes to choosing any clothing for your winter wardrobe – but particularly with white garments.  Look for thick, ribbed, cable knits, and sturdy denim jeans and you will be able to retain the warmth that you need all season.


One of my favourite tricks to winter-fy an outfit is to throw over a longline checked or tweed blazer.  Adding a blazer not only adds sophistication and practicality by providing an extra layer of warmth, it really sets off any white outfit by toughening it up, so to speak.  

One of my favourite looks all season is a white jumper, ripped skinny blue jeans and boyfriend blazer combination.


Faux fur is an unmatched way of keeping warm whilst also staying fashionable.  Depending on your level of adventurousness when it comes to clothing, you can incorporate faux fur by adding a fur scarf, a gilet, a jacket with fur trim or perhaps go all out with a full-length fur coat.

No matter what you choose to wear in winter, if you pair it with anything fur, you are certain to be looking prepared to head out into the winter weather without any problems. 


One thing that absolutely screams summertime, is white, floral pieces.  Its very difficult to accessorize a flowery white dress to look appropriate for the winter season.

To avoid the risk of looking out of place, I would stay away from white florals in winter altogether. If floral pieces are your favourite (like me) then don’t feel like you have to steer clear altogether when the weather’s cold – just shop for pieces that feature more autumnal shades such as burnt orange, mustard, red, forest green and black.  


This tip doesn’t just apply to the wintertime.  Any time you wear white or cream clothing, don’t mix the two shades together.  Mixing cream and white just gives off the impression that you aren’t very good at pairing clothes together.  The bright white pieces will usually trick the eye into making the cream article appear muddy and discoloured, and the combination will result in a rather undesirable look.  


Lastly, if you really want to add a touch of the season to a white outfit, then try pairing with accessories in classically autumnal shades.  Choose a bag in mustard or burnt orange, or wear jewellery with darker, jewel-toned accents. Pairing these statement coloured accessories against a white outfit will also really set these pieces off as they will be unmissable against the white canvas that is your clothing.

To Finish Off…

I hope that this post inspired you to put together some stunning outfits featuring white pieces this winter.  Let me know in the comments which tip was your favourite and if you have any more advice for styling white clothing in the wintertime?

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