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We’re all super busy.  If you’re anything like me, you probably can’t even remember what you ate for lunch three days ago.  That’s why if there is anything I can do to simplify my life and free up “brain bandwidth to focus on the more important things, then I’m all ears.

Part of leading a more simplified life is creating routines for yourself and sticking to them.  This gives your mind the space to be able to focus on work, children, family and relationships with more attentiveness.

11 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life


Having a standard routine every morning and evening will allow you to lead a much more organised life and you will find you’re a lot more productive throughout your day. 

Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day (even on weekends) to ensure that you are getting a good quality of sleep every day. Ensure that you give yourself enough time in the morning for breakfast and to get ready for your day, and when it comes to your evening routine, try to prepare everything you can for the day ahead (lunch, clothes, keys, laptop, paperwork etc) so that you don’t have to stress the next day. 


This leads me onto my next point – choose your outfit for the day ahead the night before, to save yourself a chunk of time in the morning trying to decide what to wear.  Lay out everything including socks, underwear, shoes etc, so that in the morning you can get dressed quickly and get straight into more important things. 


Keep an ongoing shopping list on the reminders app on your phone.  This will save you so much time trying to put together a list from memory when you’re about to head to the store. 

If you write things down as you go through the week, you are much more likely to remember everything you need and it’ll save you time and money making multiple trips to the shops because you have forgotten things. 


Similarly, keep an ongoing to-do list on your phone. Again, I like to use the reminders app.  This allows me to be sure that I am keeping on top of all the important things I need to get done each day, and I get a lot more accomplished by having a list to refer to. 

It will also allow you to batch your errands while you’re in town, saving you time and money on driving around all week trying to get everything done in separate trips. 


Spending less time on your phone will allow you to escape from social media and comparing yourself to others.  The hours spent scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook could be spent reading, working on your business or doing housework – instead of wasting time looking at the best aspects of your peers life online, and beating yourself up that you don’t have their life. 


Allow yourself ten minutes every evening to have a speed cleaning session, so that you can wake up to a fresh environment the next day.  Wash the dishes, wipe down surfaces and put away any clothes, shoes and other items that have been left out. It’ll also save you a tonne of time having to have a huge cleaning session at the weekend if you do a little bit each day.


Automate everything that you can: bill payments, savings, grocery shopping etc.  We all lead busy lives and the great thing about the modern world is that it’s easier than ever to automate many areas of our lives.  So give yourself one less thing to think about and set up automation for as many things as you can.


Saying “no” is a skill that is extremely undervalued but is essential to leading a happy and healthy life.  Its okay to say no to invitations and events if your schedule or budget doesn’t have space, or even if you simply don’t feel like going. 

It’s also your right to say no if a friend or family member asks you to do something for them that you don’t feel comfortable with, or that you don’t have time for.  Many of us are in the habit of doing things out of obligation, even if it doesn’t serve our financial or mental well being.

So get into the habit of putting yourself first, and if you want to say “no”, then say “no”.


Gossiping is a very dangerous pastime – both for the subject and for you as the person engaging in the activity.  Gossiping leads to false rumors or private details of a person’s life being spread around and serves you absolutely no purpose.  Stop spending your days talking about other people’s business and focus on working on your own life.

If it’s very painful for you to criticize your friends, you’re safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that’s the time to hold your tongue.

Alice Duer Miller


The only way to successfully manage your finances is to follow a monthly budget.  Keep a log of all your income and outgoing for the month and track what’s left for spending and saving.  This exercise will show you areas that you might be overspending, and what cutbacks you can make to save money.

Choose a method that works for you: you can use an Excel spreadsheet, money management app or even good old fashioned pen and paper.  How you keep your budget is not important, what matters is that you do it every single month consistently. 


Lastly, remove the clutter from your life.  Take a weekend to sort through your home and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy.  Old receipts, broken electronics, clothes that no longer fit – these are all things that need to go. Holding onto junk, clouds our minds from thinking clearly, and also makes it really difficult to find the things that we actually need when we need them. 

To Finish Off…

I hope that you found some value from this post and that you can take some of these habits in your own life to create more effective habits and routines.

Let me know which tip was your favourite or if there is anything that you like to do to simplify your own life then please leave a comments below.

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