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I’m just going to say it – I hate the gym.

It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t like exercise, but the idea of entering a smelly, sweaty room full of intimidating equipment and a bunch of people who I feel are watching me does not encourage me to want to work out.

I much prefer a swim, an exercise class with a friend, or best of all, mixing in a workout with other everyday activities.

That’s why I was recently compelled to learn just how much of a workout you get from partaking in everyday chores and activities.  I was amazed at what I found out and I wanted to share my findings with you guys. 

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10 Fat Burning Activities You Do Every Day



I love cleaning! I’m not afraid to say it – it’s really therapeutic for me when I have had a stressful day and I find a wonderful sense of accomplishment from seeing my home transformed.  

What’s even more appealing is that 30 minutes of cleaning burns around 100 calories.

Walking The Dog

It makes sense that taking the dog for a walk is great exercise, as after all, that’s the reason they need the walk! 

You’ll burn off around 200 calories per hour walking your furry friends so if you have a larger dog that needs walking twice a day then you really don’t need a gym at all! 

dog walking burns lots of calories - its a great way to lose weight!


Hoovering is tough physical work that targets every muscle in the body.  If you have a large house that needs vacuuming a couple of times a week, then you’ll find comfort in knowing that you’ll burn around 50 calories for every 20 minutes.

Taking The Stairs

Perhaps this one makes the least impact, however by choosing the stairs rather than the elevator you will burn around 5 calories for each flight of stairs – and every little helps! 


Gardening is a great excuse to spend a few hours out in the sunshine getting creative with landscaping your space.  Plus, it’s a seriously good workout with two hours of gardening wiping out a whopping 650 calories… that’s an entire meal! 


While painting might not be something you do every day unless you’re a professional decorator, next time you’re considering hiring in help to do up your house, remember that as well as saving a tonne of money by doing it yourself, you’ll also burn 1000 calories for every 3 hours work!

painting and decorating burns fat and lots of calories

Grocery Shopping

If you’re anything like me, then grocery shopping is the absolute bain of your existence.  Next time I am walking around the supermarket I will take solace in knowing that at the very least I’m burning 200 calories per hour

Folding Clothes

The only chore that I hate more than grocery shopping is folding clothes!  It’s literally the most boring thing in the world, but on the bright side, 30 minutes of work will burn 70 calories.

Mowing The Lawn

Last but not least, why would you pay £20+ a month for somebody else to cut the grass in your garden when you could spend some time in the sunshine doing it yourself, all whilst burning 300 calories per hour?!

Added bonus for picking up the clippings by hand which will add another 150 calories for 30 minutes

To Finish Off…

I hope that you found this post interesting and next time you’re getting busy doing chores that you really don’t like, at least you’ll be comforted in the fact that you’re burning off some extra fat.

Did any of these surprise you?  Let me know in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you around here again soon for more health and lifestyle related blog posts! 

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