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Having a clean home is really important for most people to be able to function with a clear mind. 

However, if you are a busy parent, business owner or you’re just trying to manage a busy career and personal life, then finding shortcuts to minimize the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your house is always a bonus!

Today I have six great cleaning tips that will save you a tonne of precious time that you can then use for the more important things in your life! 

6 Cleaning Tips To Save A Tonne Of Time


Save yourself the trouble of rummaging through your linen cupboard looking for individual pillowcases by storing the duvet cover and spare pillow cases inside one pillow case.  That way, you can quickly grab the whole set in a hurry. 


Instead of switching between multiple different cleaning products as you’re going round cleaning you home, make your own DIY cleaning solution of vinegar, boiling water, baking soda and essential oil

The solution is great for removing limescale, smears, stains and general cleaning. Plus this option is all natural, pet friendly and costs a darn sight less than most store bought cleaning supplies. 


Carry around a medium sized basket and as you come across items that aren’t in the right place, you can put them in the basket and then put them back in the room that they belong in as you travel around the house. 

Now you won’t have to keep walking from room to room every time you find something that’s out of place.


It sounds obvious, but working on one room at a time will allow you to focus more intently rather than trying to multitask.  As you reach each room, if you find clutter than belongs elsewhere in the house, then you can just toss it into your basket as above and put it back where it belongs once you reach that room.


I like to start my cleaning sessions by getting rid of most of the rubbish first. Getting the trash out of the house will make a noticeable difference immediately, and will make the house feel clutter free. 

Plus, if the rubbish had been sitting waiting to be put out for a couple of days, then the house will smell a lot better immediately too.


I like to make vacuuming and mopping the floors my last job.  If you do this first, then you’re likely to make spills and crumbs on the floor again by the time you have finished cleaning and you will end up having to do it again.

Plus, if you do this last, then everything else in the house will be able in its place and you can nip round the house much more quickly and efficiently.  


Last but least, when I’m cleaning, I like to set a timer.  Regardless of whether I have time for only a ten minute power session, or a couple of hours to deep clean the whole place, I will still set a timer.

Knowing that I’m working against the clock stops me procrastinating, and I find that I work much better under pressure.  I will actually get a lot more done if I am doing an hours worth of chores with a timer on rather than an hour without the timer on.

To Finish Off…

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you can implement some of these tips to your own cleaning routine to save yourself time and get more done.

If you have any top cleaning tips then please share these in the comments below and I hope to see you back here soon for plenty more cleaning related posts!

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