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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and boyfriends everywhere are racking their brains for something to do with their special lady to make the day of love one to remember.

That’s why I have put together a list of eleven perfect Valentine’s Day date ideas which won’t break the bank!

11 Super Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Going back to see the house you grew up in (even just from the outside) can be a really comforting and nostalgic thing to do, especially if you have really happy memories of childhood.  If you’ve moved away from the town you grew up in, then going back will let you relive a tonne of memories and you can spend the day looking at some of the landmarks in town. As you go round town, a bunch of stories from childhood will come back to you and your other half will probably love to hear these.


Take a boat trip down a canal or on a lake in your local area.  It’s a great way to get outside, get some fresh air and see your town through a new set of eyes.  With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can become blind to how truly beautiful the world around us is.  Spending time in nature with the person you love is also a great way to get away from social media and work to have time to talk to one another.


Have a look online and find out if there are any old manor houses, castles or places of worship in your hometown, or even a short road trip away.  This is a budget friendly way to see new places, as tickets to such attractions are often free of charge or subject to donation only. Take a stroll around the grounds, learn some history and even take some great Instagram photos while you’re there.


Rather than going for a meal at your usual spot, try something a little bit off the radar and expose yourselves to a brand new cuisine that neither of you have tried before.  Turkish, Ethiopian and Polish are just a few examples of some more unusual cuisines which are becoming more globally popular.


If you prefer to stay in, try cooking a recipe at home that you wouldn’t usually make. Pinterest is absolutely flooded with delicious recipes and blogs make it so easy to replicate some of the world’s most popular dishes, even for those who have never cooked before.  Spending time together cooking is a brilliant way to bond and trying new foods is as exciting as it gets! 


If you really fancy some alone time together, then nothing beats a spa day to switch off and just enjoy each others company! Relax by the pool, spend some time in the gym, get massages and maybe even a pedicure or facial.  There are plenty of offers online for affordable spa retreats – especially if you book in advance.

Wowcher and Groupon are particularly good for my UK readers! 


Taking a bike ride in nature is a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.  There are plenty of cycling trails in most towns, so you can either take an aimless trip around town and see where you end up, or you could find a restaurant or pub a couple of miles away and cycle there and back to earn yourself the excuse for a slap up lunch!


Spending time with animals is proven to be one of the best ways to reduce stress, anxiety and release endorphins.  If you don’t have pets of your own, then take a trip to a local animal shelter, farm or even borrow a friends dog to take him for a walk!  By the end of the day, the two of you will probably want to go out and adopt a pet of your own! 


Visiting the arcade is so much fun whatever age you are!  We love to take out £10 each in coins and enjoy the different games like shooting hoops, Space Raiders, Pac Man, the claw machines and shooting games.  While we very rarely win anything, it’s fun to just enjoy some healthy competition and feel like a kid again for a little while.


Have a picnic with a twist by going out at sunset and enjoying some sandwiches and wine under the stars.   You can watch the sun go down and the stars come out together and enjoy some peace and quiet and time to talk. 


Lastly, if you’re looking for something fun to do as a double date with your friends, then why not invite your best couple friends over for a games night? Monopoly, Rummikub and Cards Against Humanity are a couple of my personal favourites and are sure to get some healthy competition and humor out of everybody! 

To Finish Off…

I hope that you enjoyed this post and can look forward to some fun but affordable dates ahead over Valentines Day.  Let me know in the comments below which idea was your favourite and what your plans are for Valentines Day this year?

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