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Keeping a clean home is super important to me!

I am a massive perfectionist and I can’t function in a messy environment.

However, with working two jobs, writing this blog and trying to maintain a healthy relationship and social life, it’s important to me that I have a cleaning schedule that is easy to stick to and doesn’t take up too much time.

For me, it suits me to do all the chores on a weekend, however if you more of a do a little bit each day kinda person, then you could still follow this routine but tackle a different room each day.

By following this schedule, my home stays pretty clean all week. All I need to do throughout the week is have a quick ten minute sort out before bed each night to keep on top of things. 

So whether you’re a busy mum, a student or working professional who needs a realistic schedule to follow to keep on top of the housework, then I am confident this will work for you! 

Simple Weekly Cleaning Checklist for Busy People


  • empty fridge and cupboards of stale food
  • clean fridge shelves and compartments
  • clean dishwasher (fortnightly)
  • clean and disinfect the sink
  • wipe work surfaces
  • take out the trash
  • clean appliances (microwave, oven etc)


  • plump pillows
  • wipe coffee table, side tables and units
  • throw away food wrappers and other trash
  • collect plates, glasses and cups


  • wash the sheets
  • make bed
  • wipe side tables and units
  • put away any clothes around the room
  • throw away food wrappers and other trash


  • clean the toilet
  • scrub bathtub, shower screen and units with limescale remover
  • wash towels
  • disinfect skin, toilet, bath and shower


  • dust surfaces (windows, skirting boards, cobwebs in corners)
  • throw away old paperwork and letters
  • clean mirrors
  • hoover
  • mop
  • wash and put away laundry
  • clean and disinfect door handles, switches etc
  • clear any clutter
  • light some candles to make your home smell amazing

To Finish Off…

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that this schedule will help you manage your chores more efficiently. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any other top tips for keeping your home clean and organized even when you’re super busy, and I will see you here again soon for more lifestyle blog posts! 

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