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I love unique storage and organization ideas! Particularly with living in a small one bedroom flat, innovative storage solutions help me to keep my home looking tidy and stylish whilst also maintaining practicality.

Today I have put together a list of my favourite storage solution ideas for home offices, that I think you’re going to absolutely love!

11 Totally Brilliant Home Office Organization Ideas

Ikea Kallax

Use a Kallax unit from Ikea to store your essentials and also display some beautiful decor items to make the space feel like home.

I love how the wicker baskets provide accessible storage for items like wires, electronics and paperwork, while the rest of the unit can be used to show off personal decor items.

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Electronic Charging Station

If you’re anything like me, you need a million different wires on hand to charge your mobile phone(s), tablet, laptop, earphones, camera and so on.

I love this DIY charging station which keeps all the wires you need easily accessible, without looking like a complete eyesore!

Industrial Wire Mail Baskets

Paperwork always gets lost or thrown away by mistake in my flat. Letters and bills sit on my desk waiting to be dealt with, and by the time I get round to actioning whatever it is, I then can’t find the documents I need.

So I’ll definitely be replicating these wire baskets in my home office to keep things organised and accessible when I need them.

Jumbo Clips To Keep Wires In Place

Another way to keep wires tidy is to use jumbo mail clips on the side of your desk, and thread the cables you need through the clamp so they don’t get lost in a tangled mess on the floor.

Acrylic Organisation Trays

Make the most of your desk space with these acrylic organizers which create compartments for you to store all your stationary essentials in a orderly way.

Functional Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall in any room of your home is a great way to make the space look unique and interesting.

Pair style with practicality by creating a functional feature wall like this one using shelves for additional storage and easy access to tools and documentation.

Cable Storage

In addition to keeping your everyday wires tidy, you probably need a solution to keep spare wires that you don’t need all the time tangle free?

Try using washi tape and DIY labels to replicate this idea below.

Hidden Paperwork Cupboard

If you prefer to keep your paperwork hidden yet still organized, then why not try creating folders inside a cupboard door. You can quickly access what you need without having to see it all the time.

Decorative Display Shelves

Create a more warming, inspirational space by using plenty of shelving space to display personal items. An office needs much more than just a desk and a chair to keep you motivated to work hard!

Small Desk Solution

Create additional storage space in your office if you have a small desk by adding one of these wire basket trolleys to store everyday items such as stationary, folders and paperwork.

Chalkboard Calendar Wall

Creating a wall calendar using chalkborards is a great way to create an aesthetic feature wall whilst also taking into account practicality.

You can buy a chalkboard wall decal to create a similar look in your home, or this tutorial is great if you want to make something yourself.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post inspired you to put your interior design thinking cap on and add a bit of personality and innovation to your own home office.

Let me know which solution is your favourite and tag me @TheAngelinaArchives on Instagram in your own home decor photos, and I’ll see you back here soon for more lifestyle and decor inspiration!

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