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Before we all know it, it’s going to be Spring time again and that means the chunky knit jumpers and biker boots will be tossed back into the closet in exchange for floaty dresses, filly blouses and denim shorts!

I honestly can’t wait!

So with Spring in mind, I wanted to share with you my eight top tips for staying stylish yet comfortable as the weather transitions. 

8 Spring Fashion Hacks


Look for light cotton fabrics that will keep you cool in the sunshine.  Fabrics such as polyester are known to cling to the body in a very unflattering way, plus they don’t absorb sweat or moisture so will leave you feeling clammy and sticky, a big no-no for those of us who want to look chic! 


Find yourself a versatile pair of sandals that you can wear day to day with almost any outfit.  I like to go for a neutral tone such as tan, beige or white as it’s easy to coordinate with other accessories. I also like to pick something that’s either totally flat or has only a small heel so that they are comfortable enough to wear to work, around town and for other daily activities. 


Light colours reflect the sun, dark colours absorb it.  If you want to stay cool, then avoid colours like black, navy and brown.  Instead look for whites and pastels that suit the season, plus keep you at a healthy body temperature. 


Many climates still experience winds and showers in the springtime, so to keep warm on the cooler days I like to fill my wardrobe with plenty of girly cardigans that I can layer over tops and dresses. 

Cardigans are my favourite way to layer a springtime outfit as you can easily take them on and off depending on the weather, plus they add such a classy feminine touch to any outfit. 


If you’re lucky enough to live in a super warm parts of the world, then having a sunhat on hand is one of the best ways to keep cool whilst still looking trendy.  Keeping your head cool and the sun out of your eyes will help your body regulate your temperature throughout your whole body.


One of the worst feelings for me during the hotter months, is having my hair stick to my body when it gets super hot and sweaty!  

Go for an updo in Spring to keep your hair off your shoulders and out of your eyes and avoid the dreadful feeling of all your hair sticking to your sweaty back… yuck! 


Part of the benefit of being able to wear short sleeves and strappy dresses, is that you can wear a whole load of jewellery and show it all off!  My favourite look is to wear simple earrings and then a lot of eye catching bracelets and rings.  

Don’t overdo the jewellery – try to stick to one focus area: if you are wearing really loud earrings, then maybe go without a necklace, and if you’re wearing a really dazzling necklace, then lay off the bracelets etc.. you don’t want to end up looking like a Christmas tree! 


Less is always more when it comes to showing skin.  Similar to the jewellery rule, choose one area of the body to focus on: if you’re going to have your legs on display then don’t show too much cleavage, or if you’re wearing a low cut, strappy top, then perhaps go for a longer skirt or jeans. 

Showing too much skin can make even the most expensive outfit in the world look tacky.


Finally, make sure you’re wearing the right underwear with your outfit.  Nothing looks worse than a pair of white jeans that you can see your black thong through, or you red bra straps peeking out of a nude cami.

If you’re wearing a top that is particularly low cut or strappy, then consider going sans bra, and when it comes to bottoms… invest in a few pairs on line free nude pants and you should be good to go!

To Finish Off…

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you’re looking forward to putting together some seriously stylish outfits in Springtime.

Let me know your favourite spring fashion tips in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you round here again soon for more fashion related blog posts! 

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