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Looking stylish takes a little bit of work.  It’s nice to think that you can look classy and well put together every day while putting in minimal effort, but the truth is, if you really do want to look your best, then you do need to put some thought in. 

These are the seven best kept secrets of women who always look stylish.  If you can master all of these, then you have nailed the most important step when it comes to creating a stylish, polished look on a daily basis 💎

7 Secrets of Seriously Stylish Women


You’re far better to choose one high quality shirt made by a sustainable company using quality materials than to buy ten cheap tops from a fast fashion retailer. 

Not only can you have peace of mind that the labour and resources that went into producing your clothes were fair and sustainable, but quality items will last you a lot longer than cheap tat, which is likely to fray, pill and shrink after a few washes.


Whilst Lady Gaga might be your ultimate style inspiration, if you’re a mother of four who also works full time, then a wardrobe full of Gaga inspired pieces is probably not going to fit your lifestyle.

Just because an outfit looks a million dollar when worn by one of your favourite celebrities in a photography studio, doesn’t mean it will look the same on you when you’re standing in the playground collecting your kids from school. 

Consider your lifestyle, what’s comfortable and what fits your individual budget and commitments. 


Take some time to learn about colour palettes and figure out if you are a warm, cool or neutral toned person.  Depending on your complexion, there will be certain colours that highlight your natural beauty and best features, whilst other colours might make you appear tired and washed out.

Discover which colours make you look your best and which don’t do you any favours, then you know exactly what to shop for!


A selection of high quality shoes, bags, scarves and other accessories will go such a long way in creating a stylish, fashionable outfit every time.  You can wear the most basic jeans and a white shirt outfit, but if you top it off with a designer scarf or a high quality handbag, then you’re sure to get some attention! 


The surest way to make an outfit look tacky is to choose the wrong undergarments.  Make sure you’re wearing non VPL knickers with skinny jeans, strapless bras with spaghetti straps and so on.  You don’t need to spend a fortune all new underwear, but just make sure you own the correct undergarments to go with all the pieces in your wardrobe.


You don’t need to wear makeup to look good.  However, if you like wearing makeup, and feel that it boosts your confidence, then go for it!  Wear as much makeup as your heart desires and don’t let anybody else tell you differently!

What really helps stylish women to look their best every day is to have a consistent everyday makeup routine that allows them to hide blemishes and highlight their best features fast, easily and effectively.

Take some time to see which colours suit you best, which foundation formula works best for your skin etc.  Then you can confidently apply the same look every day without having to try and decide what colours and products to use when you’re in a hurry.


Taking good care of your clothes will help you keep things for a long time, meaning you spend less money on replacements and the clothes that you have always look their best.  

Wash according to the care instructions, hang your clothes up after wearing and don’t wash them too often or use harsh chemicals.  Uncared for clothes stick out like a sore thumb… there’s nothing stylish about faded, tatty garments!

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed this post and will be able to use some of these tips to up your style game! Let me know the style and fashion tips that you swear by and I look forward to seeing you back here soon for more fashion and lifestyle content! 

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