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Trust me, I know there isn’t anything worse than period pains 😭

I am one of those women who suffers so severely that I have to have frequent time off work, I am not able to partake in basic everyday activities, and the only thing I can do is lay on the sofa in a heap with a hot water bottle feeling sorry for myself.

It can really take a toll on your self-confidence to suffer badly with menstrual pains.  It’s something that most women experience at some point in their life, so to not be able to cope with work and other basic commitments at your time of the month, can make you feel like you’re not able to handle being a woman 🤷‍♀️

However, there is some good news!  There are a few miracle foods out there that whilst won’t necessarily cure period cramps, can be really soothing to the body and can ease your symptoms.

7 Foods That Cure Period Pains!


Banana’s have long been known as a great cure for cramps. High in potassium, bananas are famous for reducing water retention which leads to bloating.  Potassium is also praised for relaxing the muscles and reducing cramping all over the body, which is super important at that time of the month.


Peppermint has properties which have long been used medicinally in some cultures to soothe bloating, digestive issues and stomach pains – all factors which contribute to easing menstrual cramps.


Similarly, chamomile flowers contain vitamins and minerals which help the body relax and reduce muscle spasms.  A few cups of chamomile tea will not only keep you hydrated but will relax the body reducing the likelihood of stomach cramping. 


Ginger is another natural remedy which has been used for years in many cultures for its array of medical benefits.  Ginger soothes the body, reduces bloating and digestive problems and relaxes your muscles.


Period cramps can be worsened by water retention, as this puts weight and pressure on your other organs which can increase the severity of muscle cramping.  Foods rich in fibre such as watermelon help get your digestive system working properly, and the high water content keeps you hydrated and using the bathroom regularly! 


Lemon is known by most as a superfood.  It’s easy to incorporate into any recipe or can just be squeezed into a glass of water if you’re looking for a quick fix.  Lemon juice and zest have been proven to improve digestion, remove toxins and relax the mind and body, all factors which can contribute to easing period cramps. 

To Finish Off…

I really hope that this post was useful to you and at least one of these natural solutions will work for you.  Let me know your top treatments for period cramps and I will see you back here soon for more health and lifestyle tips!

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