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Small bathrooms are pretty common 🛀🏻

Even if you live in a four bedroom house, likelihood is that the bathroom isn’t as big as you’d like it to be, it’s an awkward shape and it’s difficult to make use of the space you do have.

There’s just no convenient place to put a toilet or a bathroom sink, so you end up with lots of lost space and it’s really difficult to find solutions that allow you to keep your bathroom looking organised and put together.

That’s why I have spent the weekend scrolling through Pinterest and have put together a list of the best storage solutions, decor tips and hacks for making the most of your small bathroom 🥳

I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration for how you can give your own space a makeover, and please make sure to let me know in the comments any of your solutions for keeping bathrooms tidy.

14 Stunning Ways To Organize Your Small Bathroom


Most over the door storage solutions consist of tacky plastic contraptions and metal towel hooks… however, this industrial looking shelving unit beautifully combines practicality and style.


If your bathroom is void of built in cabinet space, then try using a butcher’s block style shelf to create storage space, whilst also giving the space a really luxurious feel.


Hairstyling tools are super awkward to store. If you have a bunch of them, the cords end up all tangled and it ends up being a hassle to actually use your tools.

A simple fix is to attach command hooks to the inside of your cabinets and wrap and hang your tools inside!


Mouthwash bottles have to be one of the most unsightly toiletry bottles on the market – I don’t know why companies can’t make the packaging look even a little bit more pleasing!

Until that day comes, decant your mouthwash into a glass bottle like this one for a much more aesthetic finish. You’ll feel super boujee every morning when you take a swig from your glass mouthwash bottle


Make the most of narrow walls like these by adding floor to ceiling floating shelves to house all your beauty and toiletry essentials.


Ladder shelving is another stylish way to increase storage space and the great benefit is that you can find pieces that fit over your toilet to make use of the space above.


These aren’t storage related at all, but when I was scrolling through Pinterest I came across these DIY floral soap dispensers and I fell in love! 🤩

It’s incredible that these can be recreated using items from the dollar store when they look like something you would find in the ladies room of a five-star resort!


Another one that isn’t much help in the storage department but I still had to add to the list!

Cardboard tissue boxes tend to get soggy, battered and torn after a few days on the bathroom counter so why not have a go at crafting your own personalised mason jar dispenser to add a touch of glam to an otherwise unsightly essential.


If you’re limited on space, then you need to think outside the box and find ways to make the space you do have work for you. Alcoves in the walls can easily be transformed into shelves to store toilet rolls, cleaning products and other bits and bobs.


If you’re working with a small shower space then it’s worthwhile installing some small corner shelves like these so that your shampoos, conditioners and razors don’t end up in an unorganised mess on the floor.

source unknown


If you’re trying to make the space appear bigger, then try opting for a floating sink or basin which will give the impression of a larger room.

Unfortunately though, this deprives you of any chance of under sink storage so you need to weigh up which is more important to you appearance or functionality.


Another trick to making your bathroom appear larger is to opt for an all white colour palette.

White tiles, walls, ceiling, bathtub, basin towels etc will create an illusion of brightness and space. To avoid a clinical look, make sure that you mix different textures to add dimension.


Make the most of the space under your bathroom sink by separating different types of products into these plastic hampers. This way, you won’t find an overwhelming mess of bottles when you open the cupboard doors and will be able to quickly reach for what you need.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post inspired for ways that you can organise and decorate your small bathroom.

Let me know which tip was your favourite and tag me @TheAngelinaArchives on Instagram in your own home decor photos, and I’ll see you back here soon for more lifestyle and decor inspiration!

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