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Finding places to store things when you live in a small space is such a pain in the backside 🤦🏻‍♀️

All those awkwardly shaped… things… things that you need to keep, but just have nowhere to store them where they don’t get in the damn way!

That’s why I have put together a list of tips and ideas for creating practical storage solutions if you live in a small or awkwardly shaped home where storage space is limited ⛔

These are tips and ideas that are actually useful and could be executed in almost any style of home. Most are also affordable and easy to recreate.

I hope that you enjoy this post and find at least one solution that you can use in your own home. Let me know in the comments which were your favourite and any tips of your own that help you to optimise the space that you have.

11 Small Space Organisation Tips For Any Style Of Home


Shelving is your best friend if you’re living in a small space. Shelving along an entire back wall like this home office is a great way to make a feature of your things whilst also considering functionality.


Rather than trying to fold your clothes and keep them tidy in your drawers without any kind of guide to follow, these drawer organizers will help you to keep like items together and everything tidy and easy to access.


Rather than opting for a traditional hollow headboard on your bed, why not recreate this industrial wooden headboard that allows for extra storage inside? You don’t have to store books inside, I’m sure there’s a whole range of things laying around your place that you could stash away!


If you’re really tight on space, then why not build an elevated bed unit that allows for storage underneath and either side? Imagine how cosy this bed must be to sleep in too?!


If you simply don’t have the space to store everything away in a place you can’t see it, then find creative ways to use everyday items as home decor.


One of the best ways to create extra storage in your home is to double up essential furniture items as storage. I love the idea of using an ottoman or chest as a coffee table.


Another piece of furniture which can double as storage is your sofa. Now this isn’t something you can modify what you already have – you’re probably going to need to go out and buy a new sofa, but if you’re planning on replacing yours anyway then this is something to consider.



These hanging racks can be hung on the back of doors anywhere in your home to store all sorts of things. I find these particularly useful in my kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe!


Extend your existing shelving space with one of these stands to create up to double the amount of space in your cupboards.


Limited cupboard space needn’t be an issue with this homemade rolling pantry on wheels! Big enough to keep all your ambient essentials and especially designed to tuck away behind the fridge when not in use!

Install A Grid Panel

This grid panel can be attached to the back of almost any door in your home and used to hide those hard to store essentials like cleaning tools, gardening utensils, brooms, etc.


If you’re limited on space, then you need to think outside the box and find ways to make the space that you do have work for you. Spots like above doorframes can be modified to store all sorts of items like books, files, games and more.

To Finish Off…

I really hope this post gave you some ideas for ways that you can organize your home no matter how awkward or small the space may be.

Let me know which idea is your favourite and if you have any unique storage ideas then tag me in your Instagram photos @TheAngelinaArchives.

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