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Sundays are totally my favourite day of the week! 🙌🏻

I like to get all my ducks in a row, organise for the week ahead and do any of my other adulting duties.

I’m currently balancing a full time corporate job whilst rapidly growing my blog, working on a number of side hustles and making sure to prioritise time with my boyfriend and family. 

This means that every Sunday looks slightly different to me, however, there are a number of things that I always like to make sure get done on a Sunday in order to set myself up for a successful and productive week ahead.  

If you’re looking for ways to improve your own routine and get the most out of your weekends, then I really think that this post will help you get into good habits 💪🏻

So enjoy reading and if you have any other things that you like to do on Sunday to prepare for a great week ahead, then make sure to let me know in the comments.

9 Things To Do On A Sunday To Set You Up For A Successful Week Ahead


If you start the week with a dirty, cluttered house, you’re going to find it difficult to go about the rest of your day with a clear head. 

If I don’t clean the house on a Sunday then I find myself scrambling around on Monday morning trying to find my keys, jeans, headphones etc.

I like to give the house a thorough clean top to bottom every single Sunday without fail – check out my Simply Weekly Cleaning Checklist if you’re not sure where to start.


Having a proper shower, washing my hair, shaving and all that other jazz on a Sunday means that I start my week off feeling clean, fresh and pampered.  

If I feel my best in my appearance, I always notice the difference it makes to my confidence and I end up executing other tasks from a better mental perspective.


If I’m being honest, I’m not always the best at taking my makeup off at the end of the day 😶

By the end of the week, my skin sometimes feels a little neglected and I’m in search of a pick me up. 

My current favourites are the L’oreal Pure Clay face masks, particularly Glow & Detox. I have tried the whole range and in my opinion, these are the best drugstore face masks no matter what your skin goals. 


I don’t like to spend money on going to the nail salon as I’m in the process of saving for a house, so monthly trips to have my nails done is a very costly luxury.  

Instead, I like to take some time each weekend to paint my nails myself.  Having nicely looked after hands is another little thing that gives me a boost of confidence and has a knock-on effect of me feeling my best and having a productive and constructive week.


I like to plan out my meals for the week ahead on a Sunday.  Meal prepping can mean whatever you want it to mean from batch cooking all your meals for the following week, to just taking a mental note of what you’ll be eating next week. 

I’m personally not the type of person who wants to batch cook once a week – but if you do then that’s amazing! 

The important bit is that you know every week what you’ll be eating for dinner and that way, you’ll know you have healthy dinners waiting for you each night and won’t waste money on mid-week takeaways.


In support of meal prepping, you’re also going to need to do a food shop to make sure your fridge and cupboards are stocked for the week ahead.  

Having a fully stocked house of food will stop you from having to go into convenience stores after work which is usually much more expensive than shopping at a supermarket.


Keep your damn bed sheets clean 👊🏼

Cleaning your bedsheets is weekly is essential to making sure you’re sleeping in a germ-free, fresh environment. 

You wouldn’t necessarily think it, but sleeping in a clean bed will improve your quality of sleep throughout the week, better preparing you to tackle the week ahead like a pro!


One of the most important things for me on a Sunday is to make sure I have completed all the laundry and I am starting my Monday with an empty hamper.

There’s no worse feeling than making it halfway through the week to realise that you have run out of clean socks… save yourself the heartache and do all the washing so your hamper is totally empty on Monday.


Check your planner and make sure you have a clear vision for the week ahead. 

Make sure you have a mental and physical note of any meetings, appointments and personal commitments and even social arrangements, coffee dates and places you need to take the kids.  Having everything laid out plain and simple will help you to plan and execute your week like a boss!

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some actionable tips that you can go away and put to good use for your own weekly routine. 

Let me know what are your key habits for Sunday’s to set yourself up for a productive week ahead and I hope to see you back here soon for more lifestyle tips! 

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