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Ever since I can remember, its been my dream to live in a house with a stunning kitchen featuring a island.

I haven’t yet made that dream come true, so naturally I spend a lot more time than I care to admit, scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for kitchen decor to imagine how my own kitchen will look one day.

So today I wanted to share with you some of the most beautiful kitchen islands that I have come across, to also help give you some house goals inspo 🏡

I really hope that you enjoy this post and can get some decor ideas if you’re in the process of buying or decorating your home.

15 Stunning Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Minimal Effort

Starting with something super clean and simple I’m loving this kitchen using very traditional elements and colours such as white, brown leather, natural wood and glass pendant lighting.

Perfect Panelling

I love the panelling on the sides of this island which give it a much more interesting finish than just standard wooden edges. This would be super simple to recreate on a handmade island or to add to your existing island.

Modern Chic

This island incorporates a number of super modern trends including minimalism, grey colours, neutrals and gold hardware and accessories.

Unusual Shapes

Create a totally unique looking kitchen with an island shaped like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This can be a great way to accommodate additional seating or storage space, or to comfortably fit in an awkwardly shaped kitchen.

It’s All About Lighting

The quirky pendant lights that these owners have chosen really set off this otherwise bland, neutrally decorated kitchen.

I love how everything is decorated in grey and stone colours with just a few hints of colour from the books, flowers and lighting.

Don’t Feel Blue 😜

If I had to pick, I would say that blue is my favourite colour for interior decor. I can’t take my eyes off this stunning navy and wood finished kitchen.

Double The Fun

Why have one kitchen island when you could have two?!

Get more storage and seating space by have two islands in your kitchen.

Hanging Around

If you don’t want to utilize valuable cupboard space storing your pots and pans, then try hanging them from the ceiling on a rack above the island.

Green With Envy

I love the overall vibe of this kitchen and the way that the top half of the room is bright and airy, whilst the bottom half chooses darker colours. This in effect creates a much larger looking room and gives the impression of higher ceilings.

The forest green colour of the island is so sophisticated and creates a serious touch of class 💚

Compact & Practical

This compact, square shaped feature takes up minimal space, and offers so much functionality with space for drawers, shelves, appliances and even a sink!

Oh, Nice Curves 😉

If you want something a bit more unique, then why not go for a curved or abstractly shaped island rather than the typical rectangular choice?

This can also be a great way to make an island look more at home in an awkwardly shaped room.

Bold Colour

If you love to stand out then why not make a statement by choosing a vibrant colour for your island.

Tone down the brightness by choosing lots of natural and white colours throughout the rest of the room.

Contrasting Finish

I love the way the kitchen is almost all white but the cupboard doors are left natural to keep some really interesting contrast.

Notice how there are a few subtle accents of wood around the rest of the kitchen to tie the whole look together?

Small Kitchen? No Worries

This design is proof that no matter the size and shape of your kitchen, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to fit a island in somehow!

Reclaimed Wood

I’m in love with this design and the use of reclaimed wood to create panels with a super natural affect.

This is the first time I have seen this style used on an island and I think it creates a really mid century, farmhouse, modern vibe.

To Finish Off…

I hope you found this post useful and I have helped you with ideas for how to style your kitchen with an island.

Let me know in the comments below what was your favourite idea and if you have any further tips for home organisation and decor

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