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One of my biggest pet peeves is driving around in a dirty car 🚗

I drive a white car, so I’m sure you can imagine that the wonderful British weather means that it doesn’t take long at all for my car to become caked in dirty rainwater and mud.

So at the very least, I like to keep the interior clean at all times.  I always like to find solutions to help me keep my car clean myself, without having to take expensive trips to the hand carwash for somebody else to do it for me.

I’ve put together a list of my top tips for keeping my car clean and tidy on a budget so the next time you give somebody an impromptu ride, you won’t feel a sense of shame wash over you when they get into a mess of old McDonald’s takeaway bags and crusty coffee cups 🙄

8 Affordable Car Cleaning Hacks


Keep a pack of antibacterial wipes tucked away in the glove compartment, and the next time you have a spill or your dash is looking a little grim, you can easily give it a once over.


Vacuuming your own car can be really awkward if you can’t park it close enough to your house to run a cable outside.  Invest in a handheld battery powered hoover that you can charge inside, and use to vacuum your car every week. Even if the hoover costs £30, you’ll soon save that money back from not having to visit the car wash every week.


Stepping into a pleasant smelling car is such a refreshing feeling, and it’s nice to know that passengers won’t pick up on any unpleasant odours when they’re riding with you.  However, store bought air fresheners can be a bit of a waste of money as they don’t last long at all. 

When your existing air fresheners loses its fragrance, instead of replacing it, just pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto it and notice that the fresh scent will last a lot longer for a fraction of the cost. 


Keep a caddy in the trunk to store all your on the road essentials tidily without having things flying all over the place in the back.  Items such as jump cables, engine oil and screenwash can be kept for emergencies and you’ll still have the space to use your trunk for shopping etc on a day to day basis.


Those small nooks and crannies such as window seals, buttons and dials can be really tricky to keep clean.  My favourite way to remove dust and dirt from these areas is to grab an old toothbrush and scrub the dirt away! 


As well as choosing a white car, I also made the super smart decision of opting for cream fabric seats.

When they’re clean, they look divine, but the other 90% of the time they just look dirty and unkempt.  So I now keep a folded blanket on my front seats so that raindrops and grubby fingerprints don’t leave marks.  


Cupcake holders make great liners for the cup holders in your vehicle.  Drink spills, food crumbs and loose change won’t create bad smells and stickiness in these areas and it’ll be a lot easier for you to keep these compartments clean.


Finally, use a lined cereal tupperware box as a mini trashcan in your car.  Any food wrappers and other bits of rubbish can be put straight into the trash rather than flying around on the floor for weeks on end.  

To Finish Off…

I hope you found some useful tips for keeping your car clean and that you’ll be able to save yourself a bit of money from having to make frequent trips to get your car cleaned professionally.

Let me know your tips for keeping your car clean on a budget and I hope to see you back here for more lifestyle and money saving tips!

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