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Most women who have an interest in fashion like to buy new clothes on a regular basis. 

Buying new pieces as trends come and go means we can always count on being able to put together a stylish, modern outfit.

However, it also leads us to buy a lot of clothes that only get worn once before we decide they don’t suit us or they’re not our style.  

The goods news is though that there are a handful of classic pieces which if you invest a little extra money in, you can be absolutely certain you’ll still be wearing them in ten, twenty or even thirty years to come.

Classic investment pieces get better over time if worn well and cared for properly. A sturdy, high quality pair of jeans is sure to last you decades as opposed to the high street fast fashion alternatives.

I have spent the last few years trying to swap out some of the tatty, high street options in my closet for premium choices, and my aim is to own all of the below by the time I am thirty.

There is no rule to say that you need to own every one of these, but use this as a guide to decide which items are worth investing a little extra money in next time you’re shopping.

13 Fashion Essentials You’ll Still Be Wearing In 20 Years


A well chosen designer handbag will top off any outfit with a serious touch of class. 

You could be wearing the most basic jeans and white shirt outfit, but finish the look with an eye-catching high quality handbag and you’re guaranteed to look super stylish.

One of my favourites is the classic Celine Nano Luggage bag which can be worn with literally anything in your wardrobe.


No matter your personal style, jeans are a staple that every man woman and child needs in their everyday wardrobe.

If you pick the right pair, you can style yours to suit any occasion, whether that be a Sunday afternoon trip down the grocery store, business casual for work or simply for a lunch date with your friends.

Certain styles do come and go, as we’ve seen with ripped, skinny and high waisted jeans in the last ten years, although if you think less about fashion and more about what suits your body shape and lifestyle, then you’re sure to find a pair that you’ll still be wearing with confidence in decades to come.

For more tips on finding the right jeans, check out 9 Tips For Finding The Perfect Jeans


A tailored, boyfriend fit blazer is perfect for adding a touch of masculinity to any outfit, whilst still being cut well enough to show off your figure in a flattering way.

I love to pair a blazer with blue jeans and a neutral blouse for a business casual outfit, or throw it on over a dress to toughen up my look a little.


A tailored, well fitting and warm (especially in the UK) coat is well worth the investment.

Cheap coats look cheap, and they’re rarely made well enough to serve their purpose and actually keep you warm.

A nice coat can be the most important part of your outfit as it’s what people are going to notice first when you enter a room from outside.

First off make sure that you have a classic coat in a neutral colour such as black, grey or beige, then you can think about introducing some more statement colours such as red or mustard.


A comfy pair of flats will be a life saver whenever you want to look smart and well put together, but perhaps you don’t want to wear heels or you have a lot of walking to do that day.

Real leather wears much better over time if taken care of, and is generally much more comfortable once worn in.


The perfect pair of ankle boots can be paired with jeans, dresses, trousers, skirts and anything else your heart desires.

Choose a high quality, neutral toned leather with a mid to low heel for your first pair, and over time you can think about adding some higher and more eye catching options to your collection.


Ever had a last minute invitation to a party or business dinner and found yourself in a pickle with nothing to wear?

If you invest in a timeless black dress that fits your figure perfectly, then you’ll always have something to reach for whether a last minute job interview, BBQ or even a hot date! 🥂


A classy pair of hoops will add some glamour to any look, whether that’s tshirt and jeans, or a slinky midi dress to your office Christmas party.

Don’t go for too large of a hoop if you’re wanting to wear everyday around the size of a 50 pence piece is perfect.


Watches have become less of a time telling tool and more of a fashion statement in the last few decades, especially given the fact that a large percentage of us have a smartphone in our hands at all times to tell us what time it is.

However, a nice watch shows grace and elegance and makes any outfit look more grown up – particularly when styled well with accompanying jewellery.


A quality scarf will add warmth and visual interest to a basic winter ensemble.

My favourite winter look of all time is black skinny jeans, a black sweater, black heeled ankle boots and a classic Burberry scarf.

I bought my Burberry scarf about three years ago and it still looks exactly the same as it did the day I bought it – no pilling, fading or shredding whatsoever, and I know with absolute certainty that I will still be wearing it in ten years time.


Particularly if you live in a cold climate, a selection of high quality sweaters are non-negotiable for keeping warm whilst still looking stylish.

It’s very very difficult to find high quality sweaters on the high street that aren’t made of acrylic or polyester which pills and frays after a couple of washes.

Invest in a selection of cashmere sweaters which will not only pack in the warmth, but will wear well and still look like new after being washed many times.


A leather jacket is a staple in both your winter and summer wardrobe.

Topping off an outfit with a gorgeous leather biker jacket will add a tonne of style and edge to all kinds of looks.

This piece will also add warmth in the evening where needed and if cared for properly, will still look like new in years to come.


Don’t be fooled – sunnies aren’t just a piece you need to have in your accessory collection for summer.

Whilst obviously sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays in bright conditions, it’s just as important to protect yourself in winter.

The sun shines just as bright in the cold, and wearing sunglasses can stop you squinting or frowning which eventually leads to wrinkles.

Plus, you can use your sunglasses to hide your face if you’re feeling tired, or want to go makeup free.

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed this post and you found some style inspiration and ideas for what to shop for next time you’re scrolling online.

I always say, I would much rather own one high quality piece than ten cheap items which will only last me one season.

Let me know your favourite fashion must haves in the comment’s below and I hope to catch you back here soon for more fashion and lifestyle tips.

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