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Summertime is such a lovely time of year to make an extra effort with your loved one and arrange some cute days out that you’ll remember for years to come.

It’s a great time to get outside, get moving and enjoy some fresh air and activities that you wouldn’t usually get a chance to be involved in.

As with most of my blogposts, whilst making sure that my readers find new ways to have fun and enjoy their free time, I also like to make my suggestions budget friendly, so plenty of these ideas are free or super cheap, with only a couple of suggestions if you want to splash out a bit of extra cash and make it a super special day to remember.

15 Adorable Summer Date Ideas For You & Your Lover


A picnic in the park is such a great way to enjoy a bit of old school romance whilst also saving a bit of money. Pack some sandwiches, beers, wine and even some homemade cakes and head out with a picnic blanket for the afternoon. Even take it up a notch and go out a little later and watch the sunset.


Take some breadcrumbs with you on a walk around the park and feed the ducks like old times. I challenge you to leave your phones at home and make no excuse not to talk to each other and devote your full attention to just being in the moment.


A new take on seeing a movie together – take a trip to the outdoor cinema and watch a classic movie outside!  It’s a great way to socialise in your community, get some fresh air, enjoy and picnic and watch a classic movie that you’ve not seen in years!  Outdoor cinema’s often play the classics such as Grease, Dirty Dancing and Mama Mia as they’re always crowd pleasers! 


Get in some free exercise by dusting off your bicycle and taking a romantic bike ride around town. There are plenty of cycling trails about, so you can either take an aimless trip around town and see where you end up, or you could find a restaurant or pub a couple of miles away and cycle there and back to earn yourself the excuse for a slap up lunch!


Take a boat trip down a canal or on a lake in your local area.  It’s a great way to get outside, get some fresh air and see your town through a new set of eyes.  With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can become blind to how truly beautiful the world around us is.  Spending time in nature with the person you love is also a great way to get away from social media and work to have time to talk to one another.


Visiting the arcade is so much fun whatever age you are!  We love to take out £10 each in coins and enjoy the different games like shooting hoops, Space Raiders, Pac Man, the claw machines and shooting games.  While we very rarely win anything, it’s fun to just enjoy some healthy competition and feel like a kid again for a little while.


Get in some exercise at the local swimming pool and go for a relaxing swim together. It’s even better if you have an outdoor swimming pool in your local town. Swimming is pretty cheap even if you aren’t a full time member at a gym, plus it’s a brilliant workout targeting every muscle group in the body


If you live near enough a seaside town, then take a trip to the beach and catch some rays for the afternoon. Pack a picnic and take your favourite book, and enjoy some time laying out and enjoying some calmness.


Another great way to spend time outside is to go fruit picking. Most towns have fruit farms where you pay for a punnet and can pick your own strawberries, blackberries and other fruits. You could take your pickings home and bake a fruit tart afterwards!


Take a trip to some botanical gardens near you and spend some time in the beautiful outdoors looking at the unusual plants and flowers. This is a great place to take pictures too if you want something pretty to post on your Instagram.


If you want to splash a bit more cash for a super memorable day to look back on for years to come, then why not get tickets to a sports game together. You could even surprise your other half with the tickets for some added excitement.


Find a local pub garden and spend the afternoon out in the sunshine drinking beer or cocktails – Pimms in my fave for a summer day. Lots of pubs will serve BBQ food on the weekends too so its a great chance to enjoy some tasty grub at the same time.


Get into some healthy competition and take a trip to a miniature golf course for some real fun. Impress your loved one with those putting skills that they never knew you had and you might even discover a new regular hobby.


When was the last time you just hopped in the car and drove?

Travel to a new town and see what other cities have to offer. You don’t have to go far, just explore your county and discover places that have been right under your nose this entire time. Or you could make more of a commitment and travel further away to a big city that you have always been meaning to visit.


Finally, one of the most memorable dates you could ever go on is to go and see a concert together. Get tickets to your favourite band or solo artist, and join the crowd in singing along together for the experience of a lifetime.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for days out with your honey this summer.

Let me know your favourite activities to do as a couple during the summer months and make sure to check back here soon for more lifestyle and money saving tips.

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