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Summertime is one of the most exciting times of year.

You have several months of good weather ahead, everybody is in a good mood and there are lots of parties and gatherings to look ahead to where you’ll get to spend quality time with loved ones.

But with all there is to be excited about, it can also be a very costly time of year.

We don’t want to feel as though we have wasted the summertime, and always have the goal to make it the best summer ever, so before we know it, we’ve blown half our savings on two months worth of socializing.

So today I have put together a list of clever ways that you can save money this summer, that you might not have thought of before.

11 Smart Ways To Save Money In Summer


Rather than forking our for a family vacation, consider a stay-cation and look for ways that you could entertain you a your family for a couple of weeks by staying in your local town.

Even if you spend a fair bit of money on days out during that time, you’ll save a tonne compared to coughing up over £500 per person to go abroad.


If you are going to take a holiday abroad or even elsewhere in your home country, then book an Airbnb rather than a costly hotel.

You can find some beautiful homes to rent on a short term basis, and as they’re usually let out by homeowners rather than businesses, costs are much lower and on a per property, per night basis rather than a per person, per room, per night


Make the most of those rays by letting your clothes air dry in the sunshine, and save money from running the tumble dryer for a few months. Clothes that air dry also last a lot longer than if they go in the dryer.


Make the most of credit card rewards, store loyalty points and employee benefits which almost always offer free or discounted tickets to days out and attractions. Ask your employer if there are any company reward schemes or corporate discounts that they offer to staff members to save money on tickets.


Make the most of the sunshine and cycle to and from work and around town rather than driving. You’ll save a load of money on fuel or public transport costs, plus the exercise will help you get in shape for summer!


Rather than eating out in restaurants, enjoy having family and friends over at your house for a summer BBQ. It’ll be much cheaper than eating out and you can ask guests to each bring their own meat or drinks to contribute.

BBQ parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions without spending a fortune too – plus, you’ll also keep your house cooler by cooking outside than if you were to put the oven on!


Excluding Christmas – winter is the best time of year to save money as there are less party invitations and people are happy to stay in their homes watching Netflix for a few months.

So make the most of the hibernation period by saving some money aside to enjoy the summer ahead.

If you know you want to make the most of the upcoming sunshine, and you have a few party invitations in the bank already, then saving aside in advance will help you get through summer without it feeling like such a hit to your bank balance.


Cancel your gym membership over summer and find ways to exercise outside for free. Running, cycling and hiking are just a few ideas for brilliant cardio exercises that won’t cost you a dime.

If you enjoy taking classes, then get out in your garden and follow along to a YouTube class for meditation, yoga or weight training and save yourself the £50 a month gym subscription.


Save a little cash on groceries this summer by growing your own vegetable patch.

Start early as some vegetables can take anywhere from 30 days to a couple on months to grow to maturity, but it’ll be well worth the time investment to have your own vegetable garden to pick from throughout the summer.

The types of vegetables you can grow best will depend on where in the world you live, but nevertheless, you will save a tonne of money on your grocery bill by cutting out fresh produce, plus it will taste much fresher and you can be sure that your crops are free of any nasty chemicals and pesticides.


Summer babies aren’t necessarily more common, but they’re more likely to throw a birthday bash than those of us who are born in autumn/winter as people are more up for a party in the sunshine.

This means that the cost of gifts can really mount up, especially if you are a parent to children who are always invited to classmates parties.

So make some gifts by hand to save money this summer – you can make some beautiful and useful gifts for a super affordable cost, and can even make them all at the same time if you plan ahead well enough.

For ideas check out 17 Brilliantly Easy DIY Gift Ideas


Possibly my favourite idea for saving that coin in summer – temporarily cancel TV streaming services which aren’t going to be used.

If you’re super busy with vacations, trips out and invitations every weekend, then chances are that you aren’t going to have much time to be watching television.

The great thing about streaming services is they’re contract free and you can cancel and re-activate them as you please.

So temporarily cancel any streaming services in your household and you could be looking at a saving of up to £50+ per month!

  • Netflix £8.99
  • Hulu (US) $7.99
  • Amazon Prime Video £7.99
  • HBO Now (US)  $14.99
  • YouTube Premium £11.99 – £17.99
  • NOW TV £3.99 – £33.96

To Finish Off…

I hope you enjoyed this post and I gave you some ideas you hadn’t thought of for saving money during summer.

Let me know what your favourite money saving tips are for summer or all year round, and also share your favourite budget friendly activities to keep families entertained without spending a fortune – I’d love to know your ideas.

Make sure to check back here soon for more budgeting and lifestyle tips – I share new content every week!

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