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Holiday season is nearly upon us and many will have already started booking summer vacations to look forward to and see us through those final few months of winter.

But before you go paying for extra suitcases for your trip, ask yourself if you really need all that extra clobber or could you manage to travel light on holiday this year?

Why Travel Light?

  • Save the stress of carting heavy luggage around airports
  • Save money on extra luggage and excess weight limit costs
  • Less options means you will spend less time in your hotel room picking what to wear and more time actually out enjoying yourself
  • Taking less with you will leave a little extra space in your suitcase to bring home some gifts and souvenirs
  • You can save on taxi and private transfer fees when you arrive and take public transport to your hotel instead

Those are just a few reasons that I like to try and fit all my essentials in my carry on for a weeks holiday, rather than taking a huge suitcase.

Granted – I am a very very small person, so my clothes don’t take up quite as much space as perhaps a 6ft tall gentleman.

Nonetheless, these tips and tricks should hopefully help you cut down on the amount of stuff that you take with you on holiday, and I hope to also save you a penny or two on luggage fees at the same time.

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11 Ways To Travel Light On Holiday


Roll your clothes in your suitcase instead of folding them and you will see that they take up much less space than if you stacked and folded. Don’t worry about the rolling causing creases – they’re going to be creased either way by the time they’ve been thrown around by baggage handlers – just hang them up in a steamy bathroom once you arrive and the creases should drop out.


Don’t waste valuable space taking full size shampoo’s and other toiletries with you in your suitcase. Once you arrive, take a trip to a local supermarket and stock up on what you need. Plus, liquids are one of the heaviest things that you’re likely to bring with you so packing bathroom bits is easily likely to bring you over you weight limit.


If you’re travelling with somebody else, then don’t take two lots of iPhone, laptop and other electronic chargers – just share. Wires are difficult to pack tightly enough that they don’t take up a load of wasted space and untangling them once you arrive is a serious pain. Figure out a charging schedule between you to know who is going to charge their phone at night and who can do it in the morning whilst getting ready.


When you’re packing for your hols, don’t just go through your wardrobe and pack the clothes that you like best – plan outfits. This will not only make you pack less articles of clothing, but you won’t pack things that you aren’t then going to wear. You’re also less likely to realise when you arrive that you forgot something and have to buy a replacement.

summer vacation tips - how to travel lightly and pack less items in your suitcase for your holiday


You’re better off paying to launder your clothes half way through your trip than paying for a extra suitcase to take double to amount of clothes. A large check in suitcase can cost up to £100 with some airlines, so consider finding a launderette or asking the hotel if they have a washing service you can use to to a load of laundry, and you could cut the volume of clothes needed on your trip in half!


Use a packing list to decide what you need for your trip and actually stick to it. This will stop you from convincing yourself that you need to take things like a ballgown just in case you make friends and get invited to a party – that’s very unlikely I’m afraid. Plus, a list will remind you of things like medicine and emergency items that you otherwise might have forgotten to pack!

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You do not need to take your entire shoe collection. Promise.

No more than three pairs of shoes is necessary for most trips less than two weeks: a pair of sneakers or converse, some sandals or flip flops for the beach and day to day, and one pair of evening/heels for women in the evening if they want to dress a little fancy.

Shoes take up so much space in your luggage and you’re not likely to wear more than three different pairs on your trip – an additional tip is to wear the chunkiest pair (probably sneakers) on the airplane there.


If you’re taking a hoodie or sweater then wear this on the plane to save you wasting space in your suitcase. If you’re taking a trip somewhere hot, then no matter how much you think differently, you’re only going to need one lightweight jacket, so just wear it on the plane to save occupying half your suitcase.


Toiletry and wash bags look very nice, but they’re always awkwardly shaped, take up a load of space and can be pretty heavy too. Save some space by storing any makeup and toiletries that you do take in a lightweight drawstring bag – look for a waterproof one just in case of any leakages.


Just don’t pack a towel please! Hotels provide towels as a pretty standard rule and if for some reason they don’t, then just buy one from a local supermarket for less than a tenner. Towels can take up to half your suitcase space if you’re travelling with just a carry on luggage bag!


Lastly, before you pack hairdryers, straightening irons and travel sized irons, check the hotel facilities to see if they offer these items within your package. While it can be nice to have your own things with you on your trip, if its going to cost you a lot of money in excess baggage fees then is it really worth it if the hotel can provide free of charge?

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that I have given you a few ideas on how you can travel lighter next time you’re taking a vacation.

Let me know your top travel tips in the comments below and make sure to check back here soon as I post new lifestyle content every single week on The Angelina Archives!

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