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Perhaps you’re later into your twenties or even possible in your early thirties, and you’re convinced that you have finally perfected that ever desirable capsule wardrobe?

Feel like you have all the basics taken care of, but there is still something missing from your closet which you can’t quite place your finger on?

Once you have the hang of putting together outfits using only items from your capsule clothing collection, you might be itching to introduce a couple of high quality statement pieces which garner a little more attention when you wear them and offer more of an expression of your personality.

So I have put together a list of more out-there wardrobe essentials which you can think about shopping for once you have filled your closet with all the must haves that you need to complete basic outfits.

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7 Daring Wardrobe Essentials


Animal print is a timeless way to add some extra wow-factor to any look. 

My favourite way to wear animal print is in shoes and accessories such as bags, scarves etc.  I really love snake print at the moment, and tortoise shell is another classic.

Be brave and go outside your comfort zone for a change for a boost of confidence.


I live in the UK and spend most of the year bundled up in coats, excluding the three or four months of sunshine we sometimes get each year. 

For me, having a selection of high quality, eye catching coats is the best way to still feel fashionable whilst dressing appropriate for the cold conditions. 

I really love brightly coloured coats to take a basic outfit from 0-100 in an instant – this Vila yellow wool coat is one of my outerwear staples! 


People who know me well have come to recognise my love for a good wacky jumper. 

Again, living in a cold country means that I need to find ways to make practical attire look good at the same time, and one of my favourite tricks to achieve this is to wear crazy jumpers featuring quirky patterns and slogans.


Life is too short for boring shoes.

Give your shoe collection a bit of pizazz by adding a couple of pairs of shoes or boots in colours other than black, brown and nude.  As much as these are important to have for day to day, it’s nice to have the choice of wearing a bright red pair of shoes with an all black outfit every now and then.


A maxi dress with a thigh high split down the front looks fireeeeeee no matter who you are 🔥

Set hearts racing next time you attend a party or evening dinner and invest in a timeless dress or skirt with a high split in the front.


Leather clothes offer the perfect balance of style, comfort and sex appeal. 

We all know that a leather jacket is a must have in everybody’s wardrobe, but why stop there?

If you really want to make a fashion statement then look for a leather mini skirt or some leather look skinny jeans for a head turning look. 


Last but least, the all black gothic style looks good on everyone in my opinion and it’s a great way to change up an outfit that might be a bit too girly for you some days.

Toughen up a floral dress with a lace accessory, some Doc Marten boots or black nail polish and gothic jewellery.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for new bits you should add to your wardrobe if you’ve completed your perfect capsule wardrobe and now you’re looking to add a couple more interesting bits.

Let me know your top fashion must haves and make sure to check back here on a regular basis for more fashion and lifestyle based content! 

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