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The winter season doesn’t have to mean that you dress boring, drab and unshapely.

If you live somewhere cold but still love fashion, then it’s essential that you find ways to make jumpers, coats and hoodies look stylish, as most of the year that’s what you’ll end up wearing.

I wanted to help you by putting together a list of winter wardrobe essentials that will help you look put together, trendy and stylish even in sub zero temperatures.

I’ve also included a load of styling hacks to make your clothes look more flattering in winter so I really hope that this post gets you more excited about your winter wardrobe and helps you find ways to avoid settling for the potato sack look this season.

11 Winter Essentials That Will Keep You Stylish In The Cold


Cardigans are a great way to layer up and add some extra warmth when the weather is particularly chilly. 

Cardigans also allow you to wear some of your light, summery tops and dresses for an extra few months as the weather transitions between seasons.

Cardigans can be styled in so many different ways: dresses, jeans, tops, cami’s, boots and will never go out of style as they’re so practical yet flattering.


It’s an obvious one but if you live in a colder country then you really are going to need to stock up on some high quality, winter jumpers that make you feel trendy and cozy at the same time. 

Choose a range of styles from cropped, oversized to classic colours to something more eccentric for the days you want to stand out.

You can wear jumpers with anything from mom jeans, skinny leather pants to skirts and even over dresses to create a stylish, layered outfit that’ll be sure to turn heads.


Chelsea boots are the footwear essential of the winter season. 

No matter your personal style, age or lifestyle, you will always find the need for a basic pair of ankle boots whether that’s paired with jeans to head out on the school run, or paired with a nice dress for a classy dinner party. 

Invest a little more in a high quality pair you really love, and you’ll be rocking yours for years to come. 


A couple of winter appropriate dresses will really help you to feel stylish and more feminine on the days where baggy sweaters really aren’t cutting it. 

Snow and rain doesn’t mean that you need to dress drab… so find yourself a few cold weather dresses that you can wear with confidence to show off that you’re a style queen 👑


A nice coat is the most important part of your outfit as it’s what people are going to notice first when you enter a room from outside. 

Make sure you choose something super warm – consider going with longline as it will keep you warmer, plus it’s more versatile and you will be able to pair it with a wider range of outfits.


A quality scarf will add warmth and visual interest to a basic winter ensemble. 

It’s a great piece for layering and can keep your top section warmer on windy days.

I love to pair a brightly coloured or contrasting scarf to an all black or all white outfit in winter, as a way to elevate what would otherwise have been a super basic look.


You’re gonna need a choice of hats to keep your head warm in winter. 

You’d be surprised how much of a difference hats make when it comes to keeping toasty, but as heat mostly escapes the body through our scalp, it makes sense.

I personally prefer bobble hats, but go with any style you think flatters you most: beanies, berets, baker boy etc.  I like to have a couple in neutral colours and then one or two more colourful options.


The half zip hoodie, sweater, thing… has been around for years, but it’s recently being seen a lot more often on catwalks and in fashion magazines. 

A sportier, more detail orientated version of a basic hoodie, the half zip sweater is a great way to create an effortless look that still looks somewhat put together.


A fur gilet is an amazing way to add a serious touch of sass to an otherwise boring look.  Picture a black sweater and black jeans go from 0-100 immediately when you top it off with a charcoal grey gilet for some extra style.

A gilet is also a great solution if you work in an office that gets cold in winter.  Rather than sitting at your desk all day with a coat on – I’ve done it, trust me it’s uncomfortable – you can keep warm by wearing a gilet but still have the freedom to move around and be comfortable. 


Any pair of jeans are going to be one of your most reached for items in winter, but mom jeans make a particular good choice as you have some extra space to layer fleecy leggings underneath for some extra warmth, without making your outfit look bulky.

Mom jeans can be paired with a long cardigan or a cropped or tucked sweater to put some shape back into the outfit, and are breathable enough that you’ll want to wear them on an everyday basis! 


Knee high boots are the final thing that will help you top off any winter outfit with a serious dash of class.

Take a boring outfit from day to night by switching your footwear to some all black thigh high boots which will make you look slimmer and more streamlined.

My favourite look is black skinny jeans, black knee high boots and a roll neck sweater to keep you well covered whilst still looking sexy. 

Similar to your ankle boots, invest in quality and you certainly won’t regret it!

To Finish Off…

I really hope this post helped you decide which pieces you should be shopping for to be prepared for the winter season.

Let me know your wardrobe must have’s for winter and make sure to check back here on a regular basis for more fashion and lifestyle based content! 

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