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With Spring freshly upon us, there is no better time than now to refresh your wardrobe and think about adding a couple of new springtime pieces that will help you to create a stylish outfit every day throughout the sunny months.

There are certain items every woman needs in her springtime collection which can be adapted to suit your vibe by pairing them with accessories that you already have to put together a look that is totally unique to you.  

So whether you would describe your style as girly, grunge, sophisticated or minimal, every one of these pieces will find its place in your wardrobe this spring!

Let me know in the comments below what are your essentials for the perfect spring look and I hope this list gives you some serious outfit inspo! 

10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials


With some climates still experiencing winds and showers during the springtime, it’s important to have suitable outerwear for days when it’s a little chillier.  I find that a denim jacket does the trick perfectly. Pair yours with almost any outfit: dresses, skirts, or even pull off the double denim look with jeans – the trick is to choose different washes for each article of clothing. 

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Having a fine knit jumper in your collection is important for creating outfits that look light and summery, whilst also stopping you feeling too chilly on days which are a little cooler.  The key to keeping the temperature right in spring is layering – so make sure you have a selection of fine sweaters which can be worn over blouses, cami’s and t-shirts when the sun goes in.


Make sure you get some wear out of those lightweight strappy tops this season by including a selection of cardigans in your wardrobe.  I like to make sure that I have at least a black, white and brown or natural option, plus one or two more brightly coloured choices so that I can create some more eye-catching looks when I’m feeling a bit braver. 


Give yourself a break from wearing jeans by adding some more unusual trousers to your spring wardrobe.  High waisted options are the most flattering on any body shape, as they make your waist appear smaller and hug you just right at the hips and thighs to make you look curvy yet shapely. Pick some natural options and also think about adding some pastels so you have plenty of choice whether you’re attending a business meeting, lunch date or BBQ.


Make those short skirts and dresses a little more springtime appropriate by pairing with some comfy ankle boots.  With the inevitable springtime showers, it’s not quiet time to pull out the flip flops and sandals just yet – make sure you’re ready to walk through any puddles by choosing a stylish pair of heeled boots.


Skirts are perfect for putting together a super girly outfit whilst still being suitable for the transitional weather.  Cover your legs with tights if it’s chilly or you’re conscious that you’ve not yet caught a tan.  I like to have a selection of floral, pencil and denim skirts in my wardrobe.


It certainly goes without saying that summer dresses are going to be one of the most versatile articles of clothing in your collection this spring.  Whether you’re on your way out the door to a coffee date, a business meeting or simply getting dressed for a day in the office, a selection of flattering dresses are the easiest thing to wear and style no matter the occasion. 


A couple of button down shirts and blouses is all you need to look smart and put together in the most effortless way possible during spring.  Make sure to have a white, black and floral option to get the most versatility out of this springtime staple.  Pair yours with jeans, skirts and flowy trousers for a super feminine yet easy outfit.


Be sure to include a lightweight jacket in your spring collection which you can reach for as an alternative to the denim jacket – especially on days when you might want to look a bit more formal.  Blazers are my favourite and there are choices to suit any style – checked, pinks, naturals and bright colours.  Pair with jeans for a business casual look, or flowy trousers for something more professional. 


Finally, everybody needs the perfect pair of jeans in their wardrobe at all times of the year, and springtime is no exception.  Light wash denim makes a refreshing change from black jeans which many of us live in during winter, and gives you a comfortable option that can be worn every day, no matter your lifestyle.  Pair with t shirts if you’re just spending a day at home or running errands, or smarten up your look with a blazer and blouse combination if you’re making your way into the office.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for what to shop for to make sure your wardrobe is totally spring ready.

Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite spring staple, and if there are any other pieces which you consider to be must haves for the springtime.

Make sure to check back soon as I post new fashion, lifestyle and finance content every single week!

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