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We all love a bit of self care – but with a busy schedule, it can be tricky to remember to allow time to take care of ourselves, when we can just about manage work, childcare and social commitments.

We forget that looking after our mental and physical health is non-negotiable.

If you neglect to give yourself the attention you need, then all the things that you think are more important will suffer anyway.

You’ll lack concentration at work, you’ll be irritable and resentful towards family and friends and its likely you’ll become very forgetful.

So make a promise to yourself to prioritise some self care time every week.

Even if it’s just one hour to yourself, that hour alone could be what you need to keep you going through your hectic schedule.  If you’re a busy parent, then ask your partner, family or a close friend to watch your little ones for a few hours while you take some time out, and offer to help them in return.  

Whether you want to use your time for exercising, a pamper treatment or to get stuck into a good book, I have put together a list of Summer Self Care ideas that you will love!

11 Summertime Self Care Ideas


Take a few hours and head to a yoga class with a friend or by yourself.  Yoga is a brilliant way to relax whilst also stretching and exercising your muscles, improving posture and increasing flexibility. There are classes in most towns no matter your skill level – plus, yoga is a pretty affordable way to workout with needing to pay for a gym membership.


Get in some exercise at the local swimming pool and go for a relaxing swim. It’s even better if you have an outdoor swimming pool in your local town. Swimming is pretty cheap even if you aren’t a full time member at a gym, plus it’s a brilliant workout targeting every muscle group in the body.

Swimming also gives you a chance to spend some time away from technology and work, and just have some time to yourself with your own thoughts.


Something as simple as painting my nails can give me a real boost when I’m feeling a bit low.  Taking care of your physical appearance will make you feel empowered not just because you feel more confident in the way that you look, but the mere fact that you prioritised the time to take care of you


If you love reading, then join a local or online reading group and read as many books as you can each month.  Reading is a great way to learn about topics you’re interested in, pick up new life skills and mindsets, improve your vocabulary and eloquence or just open up the imaginative side of your mind. 


Take time in he shower a couple of times every week to exfoliate your skin with a delicious smelling scrub and loofah.  During summer you’re likely to want to wear dresses, shorts and skirts, so make sure you look your best top to toe by brushing away any dead skin cells.


Hair can dry out a lot in the summer, especially if you’re using heat tools to tame any frizz from the humidity.  Use a hair mask each week to restore moisture and shine in your locks and make sure to get a regular trim too.


Make the most of the sunny weather and head outside for your daily workout.  Whether you prefer running, weight lifting, hiking, yoga or aerobic exercises, most can be done in the great outdoors.  Try joining a fitness group or if there’s none in your area then in your garden by yourself is also a great option. 


Take advantage of the sun rising earlier by getting up a little bit earlier.  It’s been proven that early mornings are far less painful in summer, rather than trying to drag yourself out of bed when it’s still dark outside.  Use the extra time to take a bath before work, workout, make your favourite breakfast or even tackle some housework so you don’t have to do it when you come home in the evening. 


If you really want to grow this summer, then do something outside your comfort zone, that you have been dreaming of doing for ages.  It could be anything from trying out horse riding, bungee jumping, starting a YouTube channel or speaking at an event.

When you go outside of your comfort zone, great things happen.  You achieve things that you didn’t think you were capable of and you start to grow into the person that you actually want to be.  


Probably the most important on this list is to make sure you wear your sunscreen.  Not only will lathering up reduce the appearance of ageing from sun damage, but it’ll also protect you from more serious issues like skin cancer from UV damage. 

Don’t make the age old mistake of skipping the sunscreen so you get a better tan – it’s a myth. Wear your sunscreen and you can still get a glowing tan by spending the day outside in the shade.


Summertime is the time of year where many women dig out their flowy dress, denim shorts and crop tops – but for many, that’s not a reason to get excited. 

If you’re less than confident in your body, or you think others will judge you for wearing skimpy clothes when you’re a little out of shape – screw them! Wear what you want to wear and don’t worry about the opinion of others

If they’re spending their summer day gossiping about your outfit, then it’s them that you need to feel sorry for and just goes to show that they’re insecure themselves.  

To Finish Off…

I hope this post gave you some ideas for ways that you can take some time to care for yourself this summer. 

Let me know in the comments below which ideas you’ll be trying for yourself, and any other self care ideas that you love during summer, or any time of year for that matter.

Make sure to check back soon, as I post new fashion, lifestyle and money saving advice on The Angelina Archives every single week!

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