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Times are strange right now. None of us would have believed six months ago if somebody told us that 2020 had in store a global virus pandemic and we’d all be stuck indoors to try and stop the spread.

But that’s unfortunately the hard truth of life at the moment. There isn’t a lot that any of us can do to solve whats going on, so we’re best to try and make the most of the well deserved rest that we needed

Of course, not everyone has the luxury to spend a month at home in self isolation, and I want to take a moment to give thanks and recognition to all the key workers around the world who are putting themselves and their families on the line to support the community.

Supermarket workers, delivery drivers, factory and warehouse staff, police, healthcare and social workers are just a few of the key workers who we really need to thank for continuing to travel to work to support us all through this time – so thank you, your commitment doesn’t go unnoticed.

For those of us that don’t fall into any of those categories, and are in fact staying indoors at the moment, I have put together a list of fun or productive things to do while you are stuck at home.

Using this time to tackle something that you’ve been putting off, learn a new skill, or start on a project you’ve not had the time for, is the best way to take your mind off all the bad news.

Hopefully, a few months down the line, normal life will resume. However, if in the meantime, you can make the most of being at home, you’ll really thank yourself once you’re back to work and the routine of normal life.

35 Fun & Productive Things To Do Whilst Stuck At Home


Take the time to go through your wardrobe, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t your style or you just never wear. Donate the items you don’t need to charity, sell them online or even consider giving them to a friend of family member.

For tips on how to make the most money selling your old clothes online, check out How to Make £500+ A Month on Depop & eBay.


If you’ve always wanted to start a blog, then now is the time to do it.

Whether you just want a place to document your life, and write down the things you’re doing during isolation, you want to share healthy recipes with people, or you’re starting a blog for business purposes, there is no better time that whilst you’re trapped at home to get your laptop out and make it happen.


Similarly, if YouTube is the thing that’s always been on your mind, then use the free time you have to start filming videos.

Whether you’re an aspiring beauty guru, fitness channel or daily vlogger, being at home will give you all the time you need to learn the basics of filming, editing and sharing videos online – and you don’t need a fancy camera, just get started with your iPhone.


We’re all a bit concerned about money at the moment… without knowing how long we’re gonna be in quarantine, the future of many peoples jobs is in question.

Rather than worrying about things that you can’t control, spend some time doing something constructive and put together a budget. Use an excel spreadsheet or just a piece of paper to note down all the money you have coming in each month, and then list out your essential expenses such as rent, travel and insurances, plus your optional spending like fun money.

It’s a great way to see where your moneys going, areas that can be cut back, and possibly how much you can start saving or investing for long term goals.


Put your creative talents to work and do some painting. Whether you decide to paint just for fun, or to create some beautiful artwork for your home, being creative is a great way to relieve stress and think of new ideas.


If you’re quarantining with family or your partner, then pass some time by playing board games – just like Christmas Day.

My personal favourites are Rummikub, Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly. Some healthy competition can bring people together in a super fun way.


Find a new show that you like and binge watch the whole thing non stop. You don’t need to be productive the whole time during quarantine – enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.

If you’re looking for suggestions on which show to watch, check out 17 Nostalgic TV Shows To Rewatch During Quarantine.


Similarly, if you’re more of a movie lover, then lose yourself in a movie that’ll help you escape from whats happening in the world right now. I’m currently enjoying all the Marvels films on Disney+.

If you’re looking for suggestions on which movies to watch, check out 27 Nostalgic Movies To Watch During Isolation.


Get some exercise and sunlight by just doing a light workout in your garden or in a local park (a safe distance from others of course).

It’s even more important to exercise now than it was before the Coronavirus outbreak, as most people are much less active that they normally would be if they were going to work.

There are a tonne of online classes, yoga lessons and aerobic routines that you can follow along to virtually, so it’s just like if you were actually able to go to a proper workout class.


Make sure to stay in contact with your family and friends during this time and FaceTime them on a regular basis. Talking to others and checking in on your loved ones gives us the human connection that we all need to stay happy and healthy.


Learn a new skill like knitting or crochet. It’s not only a great way to keep your mind and hands occupied, once you’ve mastered your skill, you’ll be able to make gifts for family and friends, or even start your own Etsy shop.


Get your garden summer BBQ ready and spend some time outside cutting the grass, pulling up the weeds and planting some bulbs in the flowerbeds. Not only is this a creative pastime you can enjoy, it’s also a great form of exercise and by the end of all this, you’ll have the prettiest garden on the whole street.


If you’re getting bored with the way you look, and miss trips to the salon to change up your appearance, then why not take things into your own hands and use a box dye kit to change your hair yourself.

If you’re inexperienced with home dye kits, then just be careful and follow the instructions, and if you’re using bleach, use a mild product and don’t leave it on too long, you can always go over it in a week or so if you want to go even lighter.

And if you totally hate the results, it doesn’t matter anyway cause you’re not going anywhere for people to see you.


I’ve really found that I miss putting on makeup and getting ready in the mornings. Whilst a couple of days I have actually put on a full face of makeup as if I were going somewhere, most days I’ve just been at home with a bare face.

So if you also miss wearing makeup, then just put it on for the sake of it and try a new look that you wouldn’t usually go for. You never know, you might rediscover products you’ve not used in a while, or find that certain colours really suit you which you’ve never tried before.


Give your dog (or whatever other pet) a bit of a attention whilst you’re stuck indoors without access to the groomers. Give them a bath and a trim and you’ll not only get to spend some quality time with your pampered pet, you can avoid them stinking out the house!


My issue with cleaning my makeup brushes, is that they take so long to dry, and I usually need to use them again before they’ve finished drying – I know I’m not alone on this one.

Seeing as we’ve got nowhere to be and we aren’t wearing makeup so often, now’s the time to clean our brushes ready for our post-quarantine glow up.


Get some inspiration for future projects, learn something new about your favourite topics or listen to a comedic podcast just for fun. Consuming content via podcasts gives us a well needed break from screens, and its a great way to enjoy some entertainment whilst also doing other things such as housework or personal care.


I’ve been loving playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy on my Nintendo Switch. Find a game that you enjoy whether its action adventure, FPS, puzzle or trivia and spend some time relaxing and enjoying a bit of harmless fun.


Get your thoughts and feelings out on paper as a way to vent any worries or anxieties whilst you’re stuck inside. It could also be a way to plan how you’re going to spend your time once things eventually go back to normal.

Plus, it’ll be really interesting to be able to read back on what you were doing and how you were feeling in years to come once the Coronavirus is all forgotten about.


Take some time out to tidy up your home, organised the clutter and cleanse the space of things that you no longer want, need or that don’t spark joy.

Living in a tidy, organised environment is more important that ever now we’re spending so much time at home, so take the time to make your space lovely. Check out 7 Life-Changing Organisation Tips From Marie Kondo Herself for a little bit of inspo.


If you’re missing travelling and visiting new places, or even if you’ve had to postpone a holiday, then why not at least do a bit of exploring via Google Earth?

Of course, it’s not the same as visiting somewhere in person, but it’s the best we’re gonna get for now. So whether it’s to make up for a holiday that you had to cancel, or a way for you to plan your post-quarantine trip, visit some new places on Google Earth if you’re in need of some adventure.


Whether you have a passion for cooking, art or home decor, create a dedicated Instagram account for your interest and share what you love with other like-minded people. You never know how much of a following you could build up over the coming months and you might even be able to use that following to start a business later down the line.


If you’re sick of hearing the same old songs on your Spotify account, then use the time to create some new playlists filled with your favourite songs to change up the mood. You could create a few different playlists to suit every mood and even share amongst your friends as a way to discover some new music.


Its super important to back up your files on a regular basis. We rely on tech for so many things these days: work, entertainment, managing personal documents etc.

Remember though, computers do go wrong – so spend this time backing up any important documents so that you never have to worry about loosing all your data ever again.


Spend some quality time with your furry friends and teach them some new tricks. Animals – especially dogs – love to bond with their owners and get taught new things, so pass the time by helping your pets avoid boredom whilst also keeping yourself occupied.


Take a minute to go through your inbox and unsubscribe from any email lists that don’t interest you. Emails from retail stores encourage us to spend money, and clog up our inbox sometimes making us miss important emails that we actually need to read. So click unsubscribe and enjoy a much cleaner looking inbox.


With many people currently out of work, most of us would be happy to make a little extra cash whilst we’re stuck at home. So go through your closet, electronics drawers and anywhere else in your home that needs a spring clean, and look for item that you no longer use, like or have the space for, and sell them online for some extra money.

For tips on how to make the most money selling things online, check out How to Make £500+ A Month on Depop & eBay.


Practice sewing and customizing clothes by flipping things you no longer wear into a new item of clothing. Check out thrift flip videos on YouTube for some inspiration and give your wardrobe a new lease of life.

Alternatively, if you have a few things that don’t fit you quite right, you could learn how to do your own alterations so you can save money on a tailor and get some wear out of any forgotten about pieces in your closet.


It’s really not as hard as it looks, and TikTok isn’t just for the youngsters. Learn that dance you’ve been loving watching, or lip sync to a funny TikTok and just have fun with it – even get your family involved!


If you’re missing trips to the nail salon, there’s not a lot you can do – except learn to do your own manicure.

Mess around with different colours, and practice doing your own designs on your nails. Before you know it, you’ll be a master and you won’t even want to visit the salon once they re-open.

To Finish Off…

I really hope this post gave some inspiration for ways that you can spend your time during quarantine. However you end up occupying yourself, just remember to stay safe, and stay inside.

Let us know what you’ve been up to in order to stay occupied indoors?

Make sure to check back here soon, as I post new fashion, lifestyle and personal finance tips on The Angelina Archives every single week!

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