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A very common problem people have when designing and decorating a space, is making that space feel personal, whilst not making it feel too small or cramped.

It’s important to be able to add colours, textures and personal items to your home, otherwise you’d be left with a space which doesn’t feel welcoming or inviting.

So how do you avoid making a room look smaller, whilst also being able to add the personal touches that you like to take your space from just a house, to a home?

I have put together a list of some of the best tricks and tips from professional interior designers, which will help you decorate your home just to your taste, and also open up any smaller rooms to make them feel much larger than they really are.

7 Tricks From Designers To Make Any Room Look Bigger


Mirrors reflect the light in the room, and depending on the size of the mirror, can make the room seem a lot bigger than it is.

By placing a large leaning mirror on the floor against a wall, it’ll reflect the rest of the room back, making it seem like whats seen in the reflection of the mirror itself is just an extension of the room – like an optical illusion.

This doesn’t mean that you need to fill the space with mirrors everywhere, but if you’re looking for ways to decorate the walls of your home, then using mirrors instead of artwork or paintings can really add size and brighten up the room.


Light colours reflect the light in a room and open it up to seem like a larger space than it really is.

Choosing warm neutral colours to paint your walls, stops the walls feeling to closed in, whilst also creating a non-clinical environment that’s much more inviting that if you were to paint everything brilliant white.

These colours shown on the Dulux colour chart below, are some of the best options to create a wider looking space, which is also homely.


Having adequate storage for all your belongings is the make or break factor in putting together a space that feels welcoming, relaxing and well designed.

In a living room for example, you might need items such as cables and remote controls, blankets, books, DVD’s, games and other entertainment, board games for when guests are over and other miscellaneous items that you or your family like to have access to.

Having all these items at arms reach on shelves and side tables is an option, but it’s going to make the room feel cluttered and chaotic. You’re much better to find storage solutions that look nice, but also allow you to hide those items away to you can bring them out only when you need.

My favourite storage solution for easy access is the IKEA Kallax unit, which comes in all different sizes, with storage boxes in every colour and material that you could possibly want to tie in with the rest of your decor.

Source Unknown


Picture rails are a great way to add some colour to a neutral room, whilst also drawing the eye up and making the ceiling feel taller, therefore the room larger.

Going back to my earlier point about using light neutral colours for your decor, if you’re really set on painting your walls a darker or more vibrant colour, then using picture rails is a great way to do this without having to sacrifice a larger looking room.

Install your picture rails three quarters of the way up the wall, and paint your darker colour on the bottom section of the wall. This gives you the colour and personality that you wanted, whilst keeping the overall feel of the room bright and welcoming.


Pretty, bright lighting is one of the most important factors in any room, but particularly if you want to make the space seem bigger than it is.

Dark, dingy rooms automatically seem smaller, even when they’re not small. If you want to bring a room to life, then use as much good lighting as possible, and try to opt for LED bulbs, as these give the brightest illumination, are better for the environment and last a lot longer.

For a living room, choose a ceiling light fixture with multiple bulbs, add a floor lamp and consider a table lamp if it fits in with the decor – use your own judgement when putting the room together.

Bedrooms also look great with a statement ceiling light, and you can never go wrong by adding table lamps to the bedside tables on either side of the bed.

Choose a warmer bulb for bedroom lamps, as you might want to use them for reading or unwinding at nighttime and a bright white LED bulb will be too harsh.


Making the ceilings appear taller is a great way to make a room appear bigger.

Adding space – or the feeling of more space – above your head will make the room feel more welcoming and less pokey.

Installing floor to ceiling curtains is a great way to do this. Not only does it add a sense of luxury and royalty to the home – and luxury homes aren’t generally small – but it draws the eyes up, making it seem like the ceiling is higher than it really is.

Just make sure that the curtains you’re using are the appropriate size for the windows they’re dressing. Curtains which aren’t wide enough, or that are too long and gather up in a pile on the floor, look messy and can actually make the room appear smaller.


Lastly, if you want the room to feel as large as possible, then opt for a minimal decor style.

Knick knacks, photo frames, ornaments, vases etc are all great pieces which can make a place feel like home, but if you’re working with a really tiny room, then try to keep these items to a minimum.

Only display the items which you really, really love, or that have special meaning to you. Keeping surfaces clear and cutting down on the number of things that you have out of display will open up the room and make it feel much bigger.

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and that you’ll be able to take on board some of these tips and tricks when decorating your own home.

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