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Creating a decor style for a kids bedroom that’s practical, stylish and child friendly can be a bit of a challenge at times.

You need to create a space that your kids are going to enjoy spending time in, that represents their interests and that also has the right storage solutions to keep everything as tidy and organised as humanly possible.

So whether you’re trying to design a shared bedroom to sleep more than one child, or a single child bedroom, I have put together some of the most stylish, innovative and unique children’s bedroom decor ideas that I could find on the web.

There are plenty of ideas here for both boys and girls bedrooms and some could even be adapted if you’ve got younger boys and girls in the same room.

15 Sweet Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas To Delight Your Children

Bright & Bold

Choose bright, bold colours to make you kids bedroom or playroom as exciting as possible for them.

Kids like bright, shiny things, so if you can make as many colours as possible appear in your space, then you kids are sure to be delighted.

If you’re not sure how to use lots of different colours in the same room without it looking too messy, then try adding a statement rug like this one, which you can use as a focal point. You can then pick out the colours from the rug in other accessories such as cushions, bedding or wall art.

Interactive & Functional

I really love this idea of creating a jungle gym style bedroom which has separate compartments for a bed, desk and relaxation nook.

By creating different areas for each of these purposes, it gives children a fun way to differentiate sleep time, homework time and playtime.

Split In The Middle

Many kids that share bedrooms really wish they could have a space that is totally their own, but you might not have the space in your home to give each child their own bedroom.

In this case, splitting the room down the middle is a great way to give your kids a sense of their own space that fits in with the layout of your home.

Actually painting the different sides different colours will give a better sense of ownership and made each side feel more like different rooms.

Made To Measure

It’s pretty much a necessity that kids have a desk in their bedroom these days. Somewhere that they can focus on homework and learning, or to sit and work on their own projects and passions. Having a place dedicated to work will help them develop their skills and interests, giving them the best chance in the future.

I love this idea of creating a custom desk using IKEA Kallax units and a simple white gloss table top. The storage boxes can be used in whatever way best suits your child, and gives them a place to store books, toys, arts and crafts materials or anything else that they need constant access to.

Making Neutrals Work

If you’re looking to use more minimal colours in your kids bedroom, then this bunker style bedroom is a great inspiration pic. By choosing bedding, toys and furniture that’s all the same colour scheme, they’ve created a neutral, Scandinavian style room which is still super appealing to children.

Storage Is Key

Finding practical storage solutions for younger children can be a challenge sometimes. Keeping kids rooms tidy can feel impossible when you put away their toys, books and games only for them to be all over the floor again a few hours later.

My favourite storage solution idea for any room, but particular kids play areas, is the IKEA Kallax unit, which comes in all different sizes, with storage boxes in every colour and material that you could possibly want to tie in with the rest of your decor.

Toys and other items can quickly be tossed back into the boxes they belong in at the end of the day, as a fast, efficient way to keep the place tidy as best you can.

Alternative Colour

Think about unique ways that you can include your child’s favourite colour into the room without just painting the walls bright pink…

Painting the ceiling or the back of the door is a great way to give the room a key colour, without the work of repainting the walls, and without making the room feel much smaller.

Young House Love

On Display

If you’re looking for ways to display your child’s paintings, drawings or any other material like photographs etc, then these peg, yarn picture holders are super easy to recreate using products from the Dollar Store.

If your child loves arts and crafts, then the likelihood is that they create a lot of different projects and enjoy changing what’s on display quite often.

This solution makes it super quick and easy to change up whats out on display as often as you like, and also acts as a great way to add some colour and personality to plain white walls.

Reading Time

Encouraging your child to read is one of the best ways to support their learning and expand their imagination. As they get older, they’ll be required to do plenty of reading from school, whilst also wanting to read their own choices in books.

Creating a relaxing, safe space for your child to enjoy their books is a great way to get them to do more reading. Making use of slanted ceilings to create a cozy corner like this one is a brilliant idea.

I think this Once Upon A Time… sign above these bookshelves adds such an exciting touch to a simple reading area. By adding the lettering, it makes it feel like a space that’s totally dedicated to fairy-tales, stories and fantasy.

Using display shelves across a wall gives you the space needed to display a wide range of reading choices, and creates the feeling of a library right from the comfort of your home.

Lost In Space

If your kids are interested in space and the planets, then why not make their bedroom feel like a virtual solar system, by using this paint effect to create a starry background and using fairy lights around the room to represent starts and planets.

Somewhere To Play

Kids are enchanted by anything that activates their imagination. This family have put together a playroom that re-creates the idea of an indoor soft play centre.

With the rope climbing frame, wooden activity bench and secret hideaway tent, there is so much for your kids to do in this room, and having friends over or playing with siblings can be so much more fun with these things to do.

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and that it gave you ideas for ways to make your child’s bedroom a place that they’re really going to love.

Make sure to tag me in your home decor photos @TheAngelinaArchives, and let me know if you have any top tips for decorating or making a space as magical as possible for children?

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