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Cleaning out your closest can feel daunting, but it’s one of those things that once you’ve done it, you’ll feel so much better that you did.

It’s important to go through your clothes on a regular basis, to get rid of things that you no longer like or wear, so that you can make space for new things that you’re going to love.

Having a messy closet filled with things that you don’t wear can make it difficult to put together stylish outfits, and it can be impossible to find what you need if you’re in search of something specific.

So if you’re ready to tackle your closet, but aren’t really sure where to start, then I have put together a list of some of the things that you can get rid of straight away, to make cultivating your closet a little less intimidating.

7 Things You Need To Toss From Your Closet Immediately


Wearing clothes that don’t fit you properly is not only uncomfortable, but it does nothing to flatter your body shape.

Clothes that are too small will feel tight and restrictive in areas, possibly highlighting things that you don’t like about your body, while clothes that are too loose can make you appear shapeless and can make you look larger in places than you are in reality.

Don’t hold onto things that no longer fit in the hopes that you will one day be able to squeeze into them again. Truth is that even if you do fit into them again at any point, you still won’t wear them anyway, as trends change so often and we tend to gravitate towards the newer things in our wardrobe most of the time.


Just don’t do it – most people can always spot a fake.

Avoid copies like the plague, all they do is make you look like you can’t afford the real thing.

If you love the style of a specific designer piece that isn’t currently in your price range, then look for a high quality alternative that is inspired by the real thing, rather than a flat out copy that you snagged off a market stand.


Take care of your clothes properly. Wash according to the instructions, dry clean if necessary, and hang your clothes up properly so they don’t go out of shape whilst in storage.

Knitwear covered in pilling, faded and ripped clothes not only make you look tacky and like you haven’t made an effort, but you won’t feel your most confident when you’re wearing them. Either get things repaired, use a clothes shaver to remove bobbles, or get rid of tatty clothes altogether.


Excluding occasional wear (which you should still consider getting rid of if you’re only keeping it for sentimental purposes), if you have clothes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in six months or more, you’re probably not going to wear it anytime soon.

The clothes that just sit hanging in our closet unworn, usually do so because they’re either ill fitting, too revealing, no longer in fashion or just not really our style. So stop trying to convince yourself that you might wear it one day and pass it onto somebody else who is really going to love it.


I can’t be the only one who has certain things in my wardrobe that I really love, but they’re difficult to wash or iron, so I avoid wearing them in anticipation of the aftercare.

If that’s the case with you too, then just toss it out – sell or donate these pieces to somebody else. You can always replace it with a similar piece that’s easier to care for if it’s something that you particularly liked.


Those killer heels, that literally are a killer to walk in need to go.

If they’re causing you blisters and painful feet for days after wearing them, then you’re probably going to avoid choosing them when putting an outfit together.

What’s more, its obvious when a woman is wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable. If you’re hobbling along and aren’t able to enjoy your evening without telling others how much your feet hurt, then it’s not a good look.


Unless you’re wearing these t shirts just to sleep in, then it’s probably time to go. Whether it’s a Logan Paul merch tshirt, or a hoodie you bought at a One Direction concert 5 years ago, these items just don’t look stylish and come across as gimmicky.

Get rid of any merch or promise yourself that its destined to only be worn around the house.

To Finish Off…

I hope this post inspired you to take the time to go through your own closet and toss away any of the things that you no longer wear, or that aren’t doing your fashion game any favours.

Let me know in the comments below if you think there are any other types of clothing that need to be bid farewell, and make sure to check back here soon as I post brand new fashion, lifestyle and personal finance advice on The Angelina Archives every single week.

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