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We’ve all read about global health emergencies in history books, such as the Spanish Influenza and The Black Plague.

Still, never did any of us think we would actually live through a national or global pandemic in our own lifetime.

Then COVID-19 happened.

Ever since the Coronavirus took hold of the world in late 2019, early 2020 we’ve had our lives completely turned upside down.

Many people reading this will have been directly affected by the virus, having either contracted it themselves, or a family member or close friend will have been taken ill. For the rest of us, we’ve all still been effected in some way.

Many have lost their jobs, businesses have struggled to find new ways to stay afloat, social gatherings have stopped, and many people can’t even visit their loved ones for fear of passing on germs.

So the only thing we can do right now is to stay in our homes until the virus slows down and a cure is found. With life having changed so dramatically in just a couple of months, many people are really struggling with the stress, anxiety and sense of helplessness that this situation has brought.

So whilst we can’t necessarily do anything right now to stop what’s happening, we can look for ways to live a new type of normal, and take better care of our own mental health and wellbeing.

So with that, here are a few ways that I am managing to cope with the stress and anxiety of lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation, or whatever you want to call it.

How To Manage Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19


The best way to carry on feeling normal during these times is to try and stick to your regular routine as much as you can.  Whether you’re working from home, you’re currently out of work for whatever reason, or you’re trying to use the time to work on your own projects, keeping a routine is the best way to stay healthy and sane during this pandemic.

It can be really tempting to let your sleep schedule go, spend all night and day watching Netflix and eat ice cream for dinner, but doing these things is only going to add to your stress and anxiety levels.

Wake up and go to bed at a normal time every day, look for positive productive things that you can do whilst you’re stuck at home, and try to stick to eating three healthy meals a day.


If you’re not working, then it’s vital that you find a way to fill your time, otherwise, you’ll just turn into a vegetable.  Find a hobby to keep yourself occupied and keep your mind and hands busy whilst the world is on hold.

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings

Benjamin Franklin

Whether you enjoy painting, arts and crafts or if you’re interested in starting your own business such as a blog or an Etsy shop, there will be something you can do at home to distract yourself.

If you’re stuck for ways to keep busy during the lockdown, make sure to check out 31 Fun & Productive Things To Do Whilst Stuck At Home.


Of course, we all know that we can’t head down the park for a sunbathe with our friends, but most of us can still go outside to some degree.

Different countries have different restrictions, but if you’re living in a country where you’re allowed to go outside for exercise, then make the most of that opportunity.

If you’re living somewhere with more rigorous restrictions, then just go out into your garden or stand on your front doorstep for a little while every day.

A little bit of fresh air and sunlight makes a world of difference.


Some people will disagree with me here, but I think that sometimes the moment comes where you need to make a choice not to read the news.

Obviously, at times like this, you need to know what you are and aren’t allowed to do, but beyond that, if you feel like reading bad news every day is affecting your mental health, then make a choice to switch off.

This is such a gloomy time, and honestly, you don’t really know every single detail of what the politicians are saying, how many people have been infected and what the general public has to say on Twitter.


The hardest part about lockdown for me is not being able to visit my closest friends and family.

I miss my people! I’m lucky enough to live with my wonderful boyfriend, so we’ve got each other for company. It’s actually been a nice opportunity for us to slow down and enjoy time together where we’re not exhausted from work.

But even if you’re in lockdown with other people, make an effort to call, video chat and keep in contact with other people in your life. Call your mum, your Grandma or anybody else that you’re not able to see in person during the quarantine.



Another super difficult feeling to manage at the moment is uncertainty.

None of us knows when lockdown will be over, when a vaccine will be ready or how many more people are going to get unwell…

All we know is that we need to stay inside – but the not knowing of when things will be back to normal makes it really difficult to have anything to look forward to.

Make some plans for the future. Whilst you might not be able to put a time stamp on it, get an idea of what you’re going to do once lockdown ends. Whether you plan a BBQ party, a post quarantine vacation at the end of the year, or next year, or even something as simple as a trip to the hairdressers to change up your look ready for a new chapter.

Having something to be excited about is a great way to lift your mood and relieve anxiety.


To Finish Off…

I really hope this post was helpful to you, and that I’ve been able to lift your spirits a little if you’ve been struggling with this new way of life.

Make sure to let me know in the comments below how you’re managing to cope with the stress and anxieties of lockdown, and how you’re keeping occupied whilst stuck at home.

Check back here soon, as I post brand new lifestyle, fashion and personal finance tips on The Angelina Archives every single week.

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