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Most people that are interested in home decor are always looking for ways to make their home feel more organized and well put together.

Having a clean, tidy space helps you not only feel your most relaxed in your home but also makes it much easier for you to find important things when you need them most.

Whether you’re not sure what it is that’s making the space feel dull and overwhelming, or you’re just looking for some solutions to some of the most common home decor challenges that most of us face, I’ve put together a list of common reasons your home feels cluttered, and have come up with some ideas on how to tackle those issues.

These 9 Things Are Making Your Home Look Cluttered


Photographs are a lovely way to look back on memories and create a sense of homeliness and family within your home. However, having too many photos around you home in the wrong way can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

Rather than having photo frames placed around your home on bookshelves, side tables, mantels and anywhere else you can fit them, try putting together a gallery wall dedicated to all your pictures, so that you can enjoy them all in one place and don’t end up feeling like there is stuff everywhere.


Some people feel as though they need to fill up every piece of empty space in their home, and make use of spaces by placing filing cabinets, bookshelves, drawers and other storage-giving furniture items in these gaps.

However, doing this can just make the space feel smaller and jumbled.

Make the most of the space by spacing furniture items further apart, using storage solutions that fit your exact needs, and decorating any lost space in other ways such as using artwork or contrasting paint colours.


Whether your have too many machines in your living room or all your cooking appliances are out on display in your kitchen, having excessive electronics out is one of the most common ways that most people create clutter in their home.

Put away anything that you don’t use on a regular basis. Popcorn makers, blenders and cake mixers don’t usually need to be left out on your kitchen worktops, so instead dedicate a cupboard in your kitchen to store such items.

Similarly with entertainment in your living room – whilst you might want to flex on your VR headset and range of different games consoles, most people only need one or two pieces of equipment set up in their living space. The rest can be stored away and brought out only when you want to use it.


Too many electronics means more wires, so if I still haven’t convinced you to put away the tech, just think about the reduction in wires that clearing the clutter will result in?

For anything you are going to keep out, find a way to conceal loose wires as best you can. The most minimal room in your home will still look messy if you’ve got cables running along the floor.

Find ways to tuck wires away in your TV unit, build them into the wall, or use some of this trunking that’s easily available on Amazon to tidy things up.


Having a tonne of different shampoo bottles, lotions and other personal hygiene items out in your bathroom makes the place look hideous – sorry, but it’s true.

Use up any half-empty products before you got out and buy any more, only keep out what you use regularly and if you really want to kick it up a notch, then why not recreate this idea from Ms Rachel Hollis and decant your bathroom essentials into these amber glass bottles from amazon to leave your bathroom looking organised and aesthetically stunning.


Living in such a digital world has made items like books, DVD’s and physical video games feel extremely outdated. Having an excessive amount of these items dotted around your home on display can make the space feel untidy.

There is nothing wrong if you like to collect physical copies of your favourite books and movies, but consider storing them away or only displaying your absolute favourites. Coffee table or decorative books are a slightly different category, but still aim to keep these to a minimum.


There is nothing less welcoming than walking through the front door into a chaotic hallway filled with coats, shoes and paperwork.

No matter the size of your hallway, there are always ways to make the space suit your personal storage needs.

If you need some ideas, then check out 7 Perfect Ways To Style A Welcoming Entryway which will give you some great ideas to create storage solutions for all those things you need quick access to, whilst also making the space feel well put together.


You could have the tidiest, most well-organized home on the street, but if the lighting in your home is dim and uncomplimentary, it’ll make a big difference – and not for the better.

Dark, dingy rooms automatically seem smaller, even when they’re not small. If you want to bring a room to life, then use as much good lighting as possible, and try to opt for LED bulbs, as these give the brightest illumination, are better for the environment and last a lot longer.

For a living room, choose a ceiling light fixture with multiple bulbs, add a floor lamp and consider a table lamp if it fits in with the decor – use your own judgement when putting the room together.

Bedrooms look great with a statement ceiling light, and you can never go wrong by adding table lamps to the bedside tables on either side of the bed.


Most people have that area of their home where they just dump stuff.

Whether it be a spot on the kitchen counters, a console table in your hallway, on your coffee table or your desk – there is bound to be somewhere that you’re currently using as a dumping ground for paperwork.

Not only does this make your home feel cluttered and disorganized, but it makes it much more likely that you’ll lose important documents, or forget to pay bills on time.

Try installing some sort of paperwork storage solution just like this idea from A House Full Of Sunshine.

To Finish Off

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that I’ve given you a few ideas for ways that you can organize your home more effectively and reduce some of the clutter.

Let me know in the comments below any of your top tips for keeping an organized and mess-free home, or just comment on which of these tips was your favourite.

Make sure to check back here again soon, as I post brand new home decor, organization, fashion and lifestyle tips every single week on The Angelina Archives.

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