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We’re always told: wear what makes you comfortable, don’t wear makeup if you don’t want to, don’t dress to please others…

But is that totally true?

Of course, you should always do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. But sometimes, we can think that we’re entirely comfortable wearing sweatpants and our hair in a bun, when actually, making a bit more effort might serve us better.

I have put together three reasons that I think we should all make a bit more effort with our appearance.

This post isn’t supposed to make you feel bad about yourself, I am just hoping to enlighten you on why taking pride in the way you look can improve your life in many ways, and why looks actually do matter.

The 3 Reasons You Should Make More Effort With Your Appearance


When you look your best, you feel more confident – there’s no two ways about it.

Women wouldn’t spend all that time and money on makeup, beauty therapies, the latest fashion and other expenses, if looking good didn’t do something for their self-esteem.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t feel confident without makeup on, but, if you do make the extra effort to apply your makeup, style your hair and choose a cute outfit, it’ll will undoubtedly make you feel more elevated.

You don’t have to do the full works every day, but if you’ve got a big presentation, a party or a date coming up, then putting in that extra effort will certainly pay off when it comes to your confidence.


Just the mere fact that you’re taking the time to make yourself look good can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Self care time is super important as a way to remind yourself that you deserve a bit of attention now and then. If you’re busy with work, children and other commitments, you can run out of time to make an effort in the way that you look.

But even if you only get 10 minutes each morning, applying a little bit of mascara and brushing out your hair will not only make you look a bit better, but the fact that you dedicated some time just for you – no matter how short – is great for your mental wellbeing.


Taking that extra time each day to make yourself look presentable, shows that you have self respect and you take pride in the way you look.

Like it or not, first impressions are based entirely on looks. The minute you walk through a door an somebody spots you for the first time, they’ve already made some form of judgement on you, and they’ve not spoken to you yet.

The judgement they’ve made is entirely based on what they can see physically: your clothes, posture, the way you walk, your hair etc.

It’s not wrong of them to do this, its basic human nature – we can’t help it.

If you make more effort to make yourself look your best, particularly when meeting people for the first time, they’re going to have a better impression of you as a person right from the get-go. This will help you in so many ways – career, business, relationships, friendships etc.

To Finish Off…

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it’s given you a different perspective on self care and wellness.

I am not saying that you need to wear makeup everyday and dress up fancy in order to look good. This post is just to show you that when you look your best, you feel your best – and looking good means something different to everyone.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic: if you agree that making an effort with your appearance is important, then let me know why – and course visa-versa.

Make sure to check back here soon, as I post brand new fashion, lifestyle and wellness tips on The Angelina Archives every single week!

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