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Human beings are predetermined to seek approval from others. We want to be liked, and we want other people to think highly of us.

Nobody wants to be the subject of gossip, jokes, laughs or judgement but sadly, it’s just part of life.

No matter how much of a kind, inspiring, hard-working person you are, there will always be someone who has something bad to say.

Whether they don’t like the way you dress, how you speak, who you’re friends with, or they don’t understand why you do the things you do, there will always be someone who have a bad word to say.

So how do you just take it on the chin and get on with what makes you happy?

It’s not easy to stay true to ourselves when there’s people saying nasty things, but I have put together a few tips for caring less what people think and doing what makes you happy.

These are the the lessons that I remind myself whenever I’m struggling with self-doubt, and I really hope this can help you to also stick to who you are, no matter what people around you have to say.

5 Tricks To Stop Caring What Others Think And Live Your Best Life


Most people in your life today – other than your close friends and family – won’t be a part of your world in ten years. If you’re in school or college, then ten years from now you’ll have graduated, and you’ll now be surrounded by a whole new crowd. You’ll change jobs, move house, even move to a totally new city, and your current colleagues, neighbors and maybe even the person you’re dating right now, will just be a distant memory.

Whilst ten years can feel like a really long time, thinking this way helps you to remember that it really doesn’t matter what most people think of you, because those people aren’t a big part of your life in the grand scheme of things.

As long as you’re a good person, and you focus on what’s important – family, friends and helping others – then if people want to gossip about your life decisions then that’s their prerogative.


True friends will not judge you for superficial things like how you dress, how much money you have, who you date and what geeky hobbies you enjoy – and if they do judge, they’re simply not true friends.

Those close to you may express concern if they’re worried about you, perhaps if they suspect you’re in a bad relationship or they notice that you’re letting your job slip, but that’s not to be confused with judging.

Friends and family are allowed to express concern, and they should express it if they think you might need support. However you shouldn’t worry about what your friends are going to think about the fact that you dress a certain way, or what they’ll say if you decide to start a YouTube channel etc.


We all get judged by others at certain times in our life, it’s just something you have to learn to live with. Human’s are naturally programmed to make assumptions and judgements on others based on what they see, before they know the details.

If you know there are people in your life that are negatively judging you for your choices at the moment, then just remember that the best revenge is to be successful.

Keep to yourself, carry on with what you’re doing, and let them watch from afar as you stick to your guns and achieve exactly the results that you worked so hard for.

Whether it’s a promotion at work, a brand new car or a totally enviable figure after working on your fitness – if you prove to everyone how totally badass you are then it doesn’t matter if they want to judge.


What was your mum wearing last Tuesday…?

Might sound like a really strange question, right?

If you think about it, I’m pretty sure you won’t remember.

Use this mindset when you’re worried what other people are going to think of you. Whilst they might make a snap judgement about you right then and there, a couple of days will go by and they’ll have moved onto something else.

Whether they move on to thinking about themselves and their own problems, or the next big bit of gossip hits everyone’s lips, it won’t take long for everyone to forget about why they were judging you.

Judgmental people are always looking for the next new thing to talk about, so if you’re the subject this week, just remind yourself that everyone will have moved on shortly.


So, you’re laying on your deathbed and as you’re about to pass on, you’re thinking back on life – what you did well, what you’re proud of and what you wish you’d have done differently…

Not a single person is going to think in that situation “wow, I really wish I’d made the choices that made other people happy instead of doing the things that we’re important to me”.

You only get one life, so do with it what is going to make you happy, bring you fulfillment and touch others in a positive way. That’s all that’s important.

Don’t wait till you’re too old to date who you want to date, travel to places that you dreamed of, pursue the career that you’re passionate about or do anything else that’s important to you.

Your purpose isn’t to get approval from others. Your purpose is to build a life that makes you happy and that you can be proud of – so you do you.

To Finish Off…

I really hope you found this post helpful and that I could give you a fresh perspective on why you should put yourself and your wishes before pleasing others.

Let me know in the comments below which tip you found the most useful, or if you’ve got any ways that help you to stop caring what other people think.

Make sure to check back here soon, as I post brand new lifestyle, fashion and wellness tips on The Angelina Archives every single week.

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