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Let’s face it, we all love fashion. But, we all love to save money too. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?! The best part is it’s actually very easy to wear designer clothes at a fraction of the retail price. With a house full of kids, plus me and my hubby, I’ve found the hacks to dress us in name brand clothes for significantly less than retail. Now, I’m going to share those hacks with you.

5 Hacks To Save YOU Money Fashion Shopping Online

Hack #1: Shop Clearance

The first thing I do when I visit any website is hunt down the markdown section! All retailers have a clearance section on their website. However, you typically have to find it because they hide those sections. The reason is simple really…they want you to buy the full price items they promote on their homepage. The markdown section is typically labelled sale or clearance. Here’s the how-to: 

The mark down section is usually hidden in their menu (upper left-hand corner of their website). You typically have to scroll down the menu to find it. This retailer has this section at nearly the bottom of the list as “Sale.”

Hack #2: Shop Now For Next Season

The items with the most significant discount are usually items for the season going out. So, buy it ahead now for the next season. When that season comes back around, you’ll be wearing name brands like others but your little secret is you only paid a fraction of the price. Score! Let’s use this coat for example. During the winter you could expect to pay full price for it. But, going into summer you can snag it for over 50% off! 

Hack #3: Use Coupon codes

Also known as promo codes, coupon codes are entered by you during checkout. Retailers are constantly using coupon codes to drive sales. Look for them! Often, they will place the current promotion on their homepage. For example, this image displayed below was pulled directly from a retailer’s home page. Shoppers can enter the code REFRESH at checkout for an additional percentage off. 

Hack #4: Signup For Newsletters

Many retailers will offer exclusive promotions to email newsletter or rewards program subscribers. Often, subscribers will be given early access to sales or enjoy freebies like free shipping on orders. Just look for the link to subscribe on their website. The retailer below offers an email newsletter and the signup link is at the bottom of their homepage:

This retailer below has a rewards program. The sign-up is in their menu as “Creators Club.” This particular rewards program offers free shipping on every order to program members. It’s free to join so why not?!

Hack #5: Don’t Pay Shipping

Why? Because it’s just wasted money! It doesn’t benefit you in any way. Getting around shipping is simple. Most retailers offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. If your purchase meets the minimum then proceed with your purchase. If not, wait until they have a “free shipping, no minimum” promotion.  Most retailers offer this periodically to reduce inventory.

Also, watch emails from retailers for free shipping promotions and some retailers will send you a free shipping code for signing up for their emails or rewards program. 

Finally, you can use an internet search engine to find free shipping promo codes for a retailer. If it’s out there you can find it. I do want to add that there are exceptions to this rule. For example, I recently scored a swimsuit that was originally $70 for just $10. Shipping was $7. Paying $17 total for a swimsuit that steeply discounted was still a significant enough savings ($53 savings) to substantiate paying shipping. But if an item was originally $20 and on sale for $10 it wouldn’t be significant enough savings to pay $7 shipping. In the latter scenario, I would hold out for free shipping.

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