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Are you always trying to save money, but you can never quite manage to motivate yourself or stick to frugal ways?

Do you need a bit of inspiration to stick to your goals of saving money in 2020?

Or perhaps you’re in a bit of a financial crisis right now, and you need some help with how to manage your money more efficiently so you’re not broke every month?

I’ve put together a number of habits of people who always have money to their name.

This isn’t a blogpost about how to become rich, I’m just here to share a couple of life changes that you could make that will help you find a way out of that broke lifestyle that you’ve been struggling with for so long.

6 Habits Of People Who Are Never Broke


If you’re serious about saving money, then you need to find ways to keep yourself and your family entertained for free. There are loads of things that you can do on weekends that won’t cost you a dime, which will still keep the whole family entertained.

Try learning a new skill, exploring free attractions in your hometown, or hiking through the countryside. For more ideas on ways to keep busy on a budget, check out 45 Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend


Spending money on takeaways, lunches out and regular trips to restaurants is one of the fastest ways to squander your money.

While it’s nice to treat yourself and meet friends once in a while, if you find that you’re ordering in every single thing you eat, then it’s definitely time for you to learn how to cook at home.


Clothes can be one of the most expensive non-essential items that people buy. While of course it’s essential to have clothes to wear, it’s not essential that you keep up with every single trend that the fashion world throws at us.

If you want to remain looking stylish and well put together whilst on a budget, then try investing in a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe means that you have a select number of classic, high quality pieces in your closet, all of which can be paired with each other to create a tonne of different looks for every occasion.

For ideas on where to start when it comes to starting your own capsule closet, check out 15 Fashion Trends Every Woman Needs In Her Capsule Wardrobe


The very best way to boost your earnings, save more money and pay off debt faster, is to get yourself a side hustle.

No matter how well paid your main job is, it’s always a great idea to diversify your income streams. Having multiple ways to earn money means that if something goes wrong with your main job, you’ll still have a way to pay the bills. A side hustle can involve as much, or as little of your time as you prefer, so no matter your lifestyle, they’ll be some way for you to earn a little extra cash.

For ideas on how to earn some extra money every month, check out
25 Easy Ways to Earn an Extra £1000 Every Month.


Take some of the stress out of life by building up a solid emergency fund for rainy days.

It’s not a case of if you’ll need that money someday, its when.

Boilers break, cars need repairing, jobs don’t work out and unexpected bills can land on your doorstep at any moment. If you’re not financially prepared for these situations, then you can end up resorting to credit cards or loans to help you out. That’s how you end up in serious debt, and it makes an already stressful situation much, much worse.

Work on building up a rainy day fund that’s enough to cover 3-6 months worth of bills and living expenses should you not be able to work for any reason.


Putting experiences and the happiness of yourself and your loved ones before material items is the best way to live your life.

If you’ve got some extra money to spend, then use it to take your family on holiday, book a day trip or do something else that you’ll all remember for years to come.

The trouble with indulging in the latest technology, fashion, homewares, cars and other material items, is that enough is never enough. You’re always going to want more, and once you get what you’ve been saving for, you’ll soon lose the novelty and there’ll be something else you want. This creates a cycle of you always spending money on things, and you’ll find it much more difficult to save money and focus on building long term wealth if you’re always thinking about what you want to buy next.

To Finish Off…

I really hope your enjoyed this post and it’s given you a few ideas for ways that you can manage your money and build wealth over time.

If you’ve got any tips for how you like to save money and avoid overspending, then let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

Make sure to check back here soon, as I post brand new fashion, lifestyle and personal finance tips on The Angelina Archives every single week.

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