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I have spent WAY too much time over the last couple of months on TikTok and Pinterest looking through outfit ideas to fit different aesthetics.

I’ve been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember, so I’m always looking at new trends and styles to try out for myself.

I wanted to go through my wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes and put together some dark and light academia inspired outfit ideas.

I’ve had so much fun over the last few days putting these looks together, so I really hope that you enjoy them and it inspires you to put some looks together for yourself.

What Is Dark Academia?

If you’ve stumbled upon this post but you’re not actually sure what Dark Academia means, then rather than trying to explain what it means in my own words, here is the short explanation from Urban Dictionary:

An aesthetic that is inspired by old and classic literature/philosophy.

It revolves around a dark color scheme as the name implies, with hints of earthy tones as well, such as navy green, burgundy, cream, and brown/beige.

You’d usually see one wearing plaid or suede dress pants, knitted turtlenecks, black belts, blazers, baggy overcoats, dress shoes/black heels, and pocket watches/gold vintage watches.

Aesthetic Dark Academia Outfit Ideas to Inspire Your 2021 Wardrobe

If you want to see these looks in much better detail then check out my YouTube video below.

Leather Blazer & Plaid Skirt

I really love this vintage leather blazer that my mum gave me recently. It’s so similar to some of the ones that are currently in high street stores such as Zara & Topshop right now!

To make this outfit fit the Dark Academia aesthetic, I have finished off the look with a plaid skirt and Dr. Martens boots.

All Black, Turtleneck & Plaid Blazer

For look number two I’ve gone with head to toe black with this basic turtleneck from H&M, black skinny Topshop Joni Jeans and black knee high boots from Miss KG.

I love an all black outfit as its effortlessly chic, easy to put together and super flattering on all shapes and sizes.

To finish the look and give it the Dark Academia flavour that it needs, I have topped it off with this gorgeous plaid blazer from Missguided.

Layered Blue Jeans, White Shirt.

I love the ‘blue jeans white shirt combo’, but I felt the need to give it the winter/academia twist that it needed on this occasion.

I’m layering the same black turtleneck from before under this white shirt from Primark, and then finishing with the same blazer from above too.

To make this outfit more casual, I am wearing white trainers this time – these ones are from Miss KG once again.

This outfit would be perfect for a student if you have a presentation or an event. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and professionalism.

The Plaid Trousers That I Never Knew How To Wear

These plaid trousers from Hollister have been hanging in my closet for a little while now and I have never been able to decide how to wear them.

I think that’s because they’re very outside my comfort zone and totally different from what I would usually wear.

But, I finally put them together with this black lace cami from ASOS and finished with this lovely black knitted cardigan from Zara.

Finally, I am finishing off the look with my black Doc Martens as before, to tone down the look and give it more of that academia feel.

Piniching My Boyfriend Button Down Shirt

The epitome of Dark Academia fashion is wearing a crew neck jumper over a button down shirt, whilst leaving the collars, cuffs and the bottom of the shirt exposed. I guess the whole aim is to make yourself look like you’re wearing a stylish British school uniform.

So as I didn’t have button down of my own, I dove deep into the back of my boyfriends wardrobe and stole one of his that he used to wear for work (he’s never getting it back).

Over top, I’ve worn this forest green jumper from Monki and the same plaid pants as before. Again, Doc Martens are my choice of footwear.

To Finish Off…

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that I have given you some ideas for ways you can style some Dark Academia outfit ideas for yourself.

Let me know in the comments below which look was your favourite and if there are any other aesthetics that you would like me to create some outfit ideas for you?

Make sure to check back here soon and subscribe to my YouTube channel as I post brand new content every single week!

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