Hi!  My name is Angelina, and welcome to my blog The Angelina Archives.

I originally started this blog as a place to share my journey with saving money and paying off debt – I wanted to use my blog more like a personal diary, and if people wanted to read my diary… then that’s ok!

However, within my first month of blogging, I realized that I had so much more that I wanted to talk about, and people wanted to read what I had to say!

So I expanded into fashion, lifestyle, home decor, DIY and health topics and gained so many more visitors in my first few months than I could possibly have imagined!

So I want to continue sharing my ideas with you guys, about a whole range of topics that I find interesting. I hope you’ll come along for the ride and if you want me to talk about any subject in particular, then head over to Contact Me and reach out for a chit chat!

Take care

Angelina xoxo

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